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Welcome. We are thrilled you have found the home of the Oil Posse team. Are you ready to know more about essential oils? Essential oils are very versatile. Some can provide a comforting atmosphere, while others can support healthy body systems. When you feel at the top of your game both physically and emotionally, OilPosse_BusinessCardBack_V3you will find yourself wanting to do more. What are your wellness goals? Let’s build stepping stones to achieving them together!

More and more families are discovering how necessary essential oils are for their entire family. We offer resources that you can benefit from to help you build your Young Living business.


Be sure to check out our blog for lots of recipes, essential oil information, and other goodies!

The Oil Posse Team

Why Young Living? Seed to Seal!

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56 thoughts on “Home

  1. Lauren

    I saved a link a couple of weeks ago that contained info/graphics/powerpoint on the new kit. Now I can’t find it. Was it removed? Thanks!

  2. Nancy Walters

    Thanks SO much for the two graphics showing the new classifications of the oils (dietary and topical/aromatic). It’s much easier to see at a glance how to discuss them in a compliant way!

  3. Julie Williams

    On the back of the brochure it states: “Ask me how to get your kit free” I was curious how you offer this?

  4. Julie

    I am going to be teaching a class on oils of the Bible and was wondering if you have a power point for that class?

  5. Dana Mattingly

    Im a Young Living Independent Distributor , is it ok for me to pass on recipes that I found on your site to other people that are asking for oil recipes?

  6. Diane

    First off, Thank you for all that you do! Great information and helpful power points and so much more here!

    I am also looking for help with an invitation or letter to send to prospects to invite to a 101 class. Do you have something created here that would be suitable?

  7. Jen

    Are you offering new updated online class graphics for FB classes? I have an older set on hand for a basic oils class from the PSK.

  8. Paula Bennett

    Do you have a black and white pdf. of the Young Living logo? I want to print keychains and need one. I contacted YL and they do not. Thanks

      1. Paula Bennett

        Thank you, I love your site. What I want is just this in black and white and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I want to engrave some keychains and the engraver needs it in black and white. Thanks, Paula

      2. The Oil Posse Post author

        Did you follow the link? You will find a black and white logo at that weblink. Those are the only logos we are allowed to use.

        Thanks for writing

  9. Laurie Selwitz

    I LOVE your website – such amazing ideas and recipes and information!! Thank you for sharing everything 🙂

  10. Dawn Wallace

    Wow! Such a wealth of knowledge on your site! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it and for free!!

    Wondering if you can/ are willing to disclose the process for the speed oiling class. Sounds super fun but I can’t figure out how to make it work… Thanks in advance for consideration!

    1. The Oil Posse Post author


      Check with your Gold or above upline. Most upline leaders have a “speed oiling” system/method that they would be thrilled to share with you. Also, there is a YouTube video introducing the concept. It is something you will need, at least, 2-4 other people (usually YL members) to assist you with. Hope that helps.

  11. Brenda Baner

    Hi…. I am a YL Distributor and just starting to host classes for new customers. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information and material that you offer. I LOVE your PPT for the PSK and added my info to the last page to use for classes. I was also going to print out a couple of sets to put in binders to have available for sharing YL when I don’t have access to PPT or laptop. Am I able to do this or is it only available to use as a PPT?
    Thank you,

  12. Tasha Christmas

    Hi. I ran across your 4×6 product cards for vendor events last summer, and didn’t download then. Are they still available now? Thank you for your beautiful work.

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      Hi Tasha,

      We have several ways of finding information on our website. We have several “fan favorites” under the “oily tools” heading on our menu. We have a drop-down category selector (scroll to the bottom of the page if on a mobile device) and we have a search bar (also at the bottom on a mobile device, to the right if on a laptop/desktop).

      Here is the direct link to the cards you are referencing: https://theoilposse.com/2016/05/13/ultimate-event-package/

      Thanks for writing!

  13. Jacqueline G Fowler

    Hello. I am going to use your vendor materials this next Saturday and was ecstatic upon learning from my upline, Malia Plumley that I don’t have to re-invent the wheel. i LOVE your printables. I have one question: Is there a copy of the aroma jar labels in a smaller size? Thanks so much.

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      You are most welcome. The aroma jar labels are designed to fit the specific labels linked to on the post. No other sizes are available at this time.

      Thanks for writing

  14. Lucie Pabin

    Have you a list of all of the oils, singles and blends, in price order? I have the alphabetical order list, but I have a couple of downline who are on very tight budgets and have to keep as close to the 50pv mark as possible so are looking for the least expensive oii to add to their ER oils. It would be so much easier to be able to look at price listing say from least expensive to most expensive. Thanks for all of the great aids you develop for us! Love them!

  15. Jeanne Jarrell

    Hi! This is absolutely amazing!! I love this website!! Thank you for all you do~~ I am looking for Care Cards on Master Formula, Comfortone, ICP Slique Gum. Maybe I am overlooking them. Can you help me with this? Blessings!!

  16. Catherine

    The photo of the Seed to Seal Purity (on this page) may I save it and use it in my classes? I love all you do and really appreciate it!

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      We actually design marketing material to be used for printing, etc. We have a few things that are specifically designed to use on Social Media Outlets but most are for printing for vendor events, classes, etc. Each marketing design has a list of guidelines for usage but are available for all Young Living members. Please review the guidelines for usage for the particular one you are asking about.

  17. Kathy Dickson

    LOVE the Savvy Minerals Color Chart! The side with the face with room to write the colors is great for a Savvy Minerals Class. It could also be used as marketing material as a postcard style with the graphic of all the bad ingredients – no talc, bismuth, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or fragrances, gluten, nylon, or nanoparticles – that are NOT in the Savvy product line on half of the other side and leave the half blank so we could add our contact information when we are handing them out, or add an address to mail them as postcards.

  18. Debra Hechavarria

    Not sure where to put this, but the link for the dentarome plus toothpaste love it share it printable page is not working.

  19. Kayleigh

    Hi there. I was wondering if you have any materials for use in Canada? I am a distributor in Ontario and would love to use some of your printed matierals , but they seem to all be focused on the US kits. Anything for us Canadians? Thanks!! 🙂

  20. Dee Neely

    Do you have a guide that gives what oil ratios to use verses dry ingredients example: How many drops of oregano vs l tsp dry , or what is the the amount of lemon oil vs l lemon, etc…..

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