102 Essential Oil Table Display Rack: Review

Look at what we found! This “nail polish” rack is perfect for your Young Living essential oil bottles.
This rack will hold approximately 102 5/10/15 ml essential oil bottles.
This is perfect for events, classes, and workshops — buy two, keep your empty bottles and use those for public display events. Use one for your own bottles and one for the empties! Win-win!
Click/Touch here to order this rack directly from Amazon, you cannot beat the price and shipped directly to your door.

One thought on “102 Essential Oil Table Display Rack: Review”

  1. I just purchased my third one of these racks! (Yes, I love my oils and my BIG ER dollars!) I have the oils in alphabetical order on one shelf, and the other 2 shelves are used for the most commonly used oils that I stock and those that go OOS on a regular basis.

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