Holiday Catalog Flyer

Here is a flyer to promote YL’s 2014 Holiday Catalog.

This flyer is great for events/classes/workshops . . . it works to help gather contact information so you can stay in touch with your most important prospective members.

It is also good to use when the holiday catalogs are not available or maybe there was an issue with receiving them in time for an event.

Many YL members will want to use this so they can offer a digital version of the catalog rather than purchasing a hard copy (go green, save the trees).

The link for the digital version of this catalog (this is NOT the flyer, this is the link you would want to give to your prospective member so he/she can view the digital version of this catalog) is at:

Seasons of Giving 2014 Holiday Catalog — Click/Touch Here

Below is the flyer in PNG format (a PDF version is also available below), this allows you to edit so that you can type in your contact information. You will need a graphics editing program to add your information. If you are using a PC then you should be able to edit in a program such as “Draw” and if you are using a Mac then you should be able to edit in a program such as “Preview.”

I am not offering to insert anyone’s contact information, please utilize Google search or YouTube to learn how to do this on your desktop/laptop/mobile device.

Please do not edit this flyer in any other fashion.

Please do not “sell” this flyer.


*Important Note: Be sure you click/touch the graphic for the flyer below so that you are downloading the graphic “FULL SIZE.” If you do not, the graphic will be distorted and will not print properly.*


Here is a PDF version of this flyer:

Click/Touch here for the PDF version of this flyer

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