NingXia-Cray-O-Range Sparkling Punch


NingXia-Cray-O-Range Sparkling Punch


1 c. fresh cranberries
2 c. freshly-squeezed orange juice (about 5 large oranges)
1/4 c. honey
1 two-inch piece ginger, peeled and sliced into thick coins (optional)
4 oz. NingXia Red
2 c. sparkling water, chilled (or more if you like it less sweet)


Combine cranberries, orange juice, honey, and ginger in a medium pan over medium-high heat; bring to a boil. Continue to boil until cranberries begin to pop. Once cranberries have popped open and softened, use the back of a wooden spoon to smash them against the side of the pan. Remove from heat and cool.

Strain cooled cranberry mixture into a bowl through a fine mesh sieve. Discard solids, stir well and refrigerate until chilled, about an hour. Transfer juice to pitcher and stir in NingXia Red and sparkling water. Serve with cranberries or orange slices as garnish, if desired.

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