DIY: 77 Oil Carrying Case

Case_ClosedThis is one of the best oils cases we’ve ever had the pleasure of using . . . and best of all, we put it together ourselves! It is quite easy to design . . . ready for the steps?

First, order the case, hard task, we know . . . we personally prefer the purple case because it reminds us of Lavender, our favorite oil! . . . click/touch here to order the case directly from Amazon

Second, order the foam insert, another hard task, right? . . . click/touch here to order directly from “My Oily Business”

Third, print the tag for the front of the case . . . pssssst, why? because it will cover the “Rachel Ray” logo and, quite frankly, it just looks cool! We are actually looking for an embroiderer to make this as a fabric tag for us, so that will be “way cooler,” even. We attached this label with “peel and press” bonding fabric tape.



*Be sure you do not download the graphic as it is shown above, it will be much too small for the case. Click the link below to download the graphic in the correct size. Be sure you print on photo paper and that it is printing at 100% scale.*

Click/Touch here to download the graphic for the “Get Your Oil On” tag that matches the purple case

When the foam arrives, the holes will be filled with little foam “plugs” . . . use those “plugs” around the foam to keep things very stable. They also look pretty neat sitting around the edges, see the photo below.


Want to see what the inside looks like with the foam insert and oils inserted? Here you go . . .



One more thing, if you look at the very first picture, way up there at the top ^^ you will see a zippered pocket, the pocket is nice and deep and great for carrying all your “oily” flyers and business cards. We hope you will enjoy your, okay we admit it, “semi-diy” case as much as we do! We receive compliments on it all the time and it sparks conversation with “non-oilers” who want to know what “Get Your Oil On” means!


3 thoughts on “DIY: 77 Oil Carrying Case

  1. Diane Nevins

    So cute You guys are so clever. So glad you are out there continuing to share the good news of EO. Blessings.


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