YL Sales Receipt


The Oil Posse Team is excited to offer you two variations of a customized Young Living sales receipt.

First, we offer an excel spreadsheet version complete with formulas. Just plug in the indicated information (quantity, item number, item description, wholesale price each, and retail price each, plus shipping price and the sales percentage for your area) and the spreadsheet will calculate subtotal, retail total, sales tax (on retail price), shipping tax, and grand total.

Click/Touch here to download the excel version of the sales receipt.

Second, we offer a blank sales receipt that will allow you to print and take with you to events, classes, workshops, etc. With this version you will need to manually calculate all totals. However, you can offer your customer/team member a sales receipt that reflects how the grand total is reached for U.S. members.

Click/Touch here to download the blank version of the sales receipt in PDF format.



Carbonless Printer paper: http://amzn.to/2sjmBdP

3 thoughts on “YL Sales Receipt

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      Think about it like this . . . if you do not collect the tax that you paid, you would lose money on every product you sold. You are recovering the tax because you do not pay the tax, the person buying it retail pays the tax. Young Living collects it from you to ensure it is collected and paid. Hope that helps.


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