DIY: Love It, Share It Cards


ATTN: All the cards have moved so that they will be easier to locate. They are now divided into these three categories:


Those are clickable links above. You will want to bookmark each link as we will be constantly adding new cards until there is a card for every YL product.

17 thoughts on “DIY: Love It, Share It Cards

    1. EssentiallyAwakened Post author

      Recently added cards for orange and valor. We will, eventually, have cards for most of the oils (singles and blends). Be sure to subscribe to our blog and you’ll receive email notifications as new cards are released.

  1. Tracee Brooks

    Could you do a Peace and Calming and also a Gentle Babies… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these btw! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Kim

    These are amazing!! Thank you so much for all of your effort and work!!!. Are there plans to have cards for all the oils in the PSK?

    1. EssentiallyAwakened Post author

      Hi Kim,

      Great question! There are plans to have a card for every YL item. However, we will focus on providing more from the PSK over the next few days/week. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to receive notices as the new cards are made available.


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