New 2015 PSK Presentation: Intro to EOs

*UPDATED 18 Oct 2015: Revamped the four diffuser slide so that the home diffuser option was removed and the rainstone option was added.*
This is a PowerPoint presentation for the upcoming and new 2015 Premium Starter Kit Collection. This presentation covers the basics for an Introduction to Essential Oils class/workshop/event.
This presentation is free for your use with the following guidelines:
You may remove the last slide in the presentation, it was placed there to show how we will input our contact information.
You can edit the second to the last slide to add your contact information.
Other than the contact slide, please do not alter any of the slides.
Below you will find notes to give to those who attend, please do not alter the notes, you may add your contact information in the space provided, near the end, before the “flyers.”
Be sure you include the flyer and the FAQ notes for the Essential Rewards program. These are important for your attendees to have and take home with them.
We will not alter the presentation or customize for you. You will be responsible for adding your own contact information.
With all the necessities out of the way, we hope you will find this presentation a vital part of your educational/informational events.

Presentation File (PPT)

Click/Touch HERE to download the PowerPoint presentation

Presentation PDF File

If you would like to create a “flip board” of this presentation, you can download it as PDF file, print on glossy paper, punch holes according to the flip board rings you select, then place slide sheets in the flip board binder.
Click/Touch HERE to download the PDF version of this PowerPoint presentation
Need a “Flip Board?” Click/Touch HERE to order one from Amazon.

Presentation as Graphics

For those who would like to hold a virtual FaceBook event party using this PowerPoint, we’ve made each slide a JPG (graphic to post) and placed them into one ZIP file for you.
Click/Touch HERE to download the ZIP file containing a JPG for each of the slides

Presentation Notes

Don’t forget the notes/handout for your guests.
You will need to download all three of these files to provide a complete package for your guests.
1. Click/Touch HERE to download the notes for this presentation
2. Click/Touch HERE to download the Essential Rewards Flyer to include with the main notes for the presentation — Note: the ER kits on this flyer may not be up-to-date but should not be a major issue, the information on the flyer is still valuable for your guest. The ER kit pictures are the size of icon pictures and are not that noticeable.
3. Click/Touch HERE to download the Essential Rewards FAQs — even if you do not use the ER flyer, you will definitely want to include the ER FAQs.
******* Presentation Tool *******
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13 thoughts on “New 2015 PSK Presentation: Intro to EOs”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work with us! This is an answer to prayer. My daughter and I wanted to put together a power point presentation for our 1st class that will center around the new premium starter kit. This has lessened our preparation time and we very much appreciate your generosity! God bless you!

  2. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this file. Does it come in any other formats? I don’t have powerpoint and am wondering how I would be able to use it on either my PC or on my iPad. Any suggestions?

    1. We have now provided you with “other options” to include a “Slide Share” format of this presentation that you should be able to utilize with any device, including mobile devices.

    1. The video format for the presentation was not acceptable. We are looking at other video format options. Once we are pleased with the outcome of the video, we will offer it to our fans.

  3. I too want to join my little voice in! Thanks so much for sharing your Power Point. It is well done and as a mother of 7 children 12 and under, it’s a true blessing and will save me much needed time. God bless you!

  4. Thank you so very much for sharing all your hard work with us! We will be able to share now in several ways. I’m soooo excited! Thank you!!

  5. Thank you for your generosity in making all of us YL distributors look like professionals with your presentations!

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