My Oily Notes: PSK, U.S. Version

The Oil Posse Team is so excited to bring you “My Oily Notes: Premium Starter Collection,” U.S. version. Includes the Vitality line of oils that come in the PSK. We’ve had numerous request for this and hope you find it useful for your classes and/or event.

All Young Living members are welcome to use this document. Please do not alter it in any form or fashion.

If you would like to share with your team members, please be sure to include a link back to this web post.

The link to download all four pages in one PDF document is found beneath the four pages shown below.

If you feel you need to provide your contact information with these sheets, we advise you to staple your business card to the pages.


Click/Touch here to download the four “My Oily Notes” pages in PDF format (all four pages in one PDF file)

4 thoughts on “My Oily Notes: PSK, U.S. Version

  1. Heidi McGinnis

    I would like to tell people about your e-mails and have them enroll also toget their report, where do they go to register and get the information starting with early mails. Thank you, Heidi McGinnis

    1. The Oil Posse Post author


      There is an option to “Follow our Blog” over in the right hand side menu, if on a desktop/laptop. If on a mobile device, the option may be towards the bottom of the page.

      Thanks for writing.


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