Label: All-Purpose Cleaner, 2 oz bottle

These cute little labels fit the 2 ounce trigger spray bottles perfectly. We place a teaspoon of THC in the 2 ounce trigger spray bottles then gently fill with distilled water. Use these to give as samples, in Care Club packages, gift baskets, etc.



Click/touch here to download the full-page, 12 labels to a page, PDF document

Need Labels?

We print ours on the “kraft brown” Avery, print-to-the-edge square labels. Click/touch here to purchase them directly from Amazon, Avery 22846

Need Trigger Spray Bottles?

We purchase our 2 ounce trigger spray bottles in bulk through Abundant Health 4 U. Click/touch here to order yours from Abundant Health.

4 thoughts on “Label: All-Purpose Cleaner, 2 oz bottle

  1. Debbie

    Your new logo is a perfect representation of your teams selfless generosity in reaching out to the masses with your seasoned knowledge of YL’s products and your creativity in providing graphics and materials that bless those of us who don’t possess talent in this area. I am extremely grateful for all that you do, as I’m sure others are.

  2. Melinda Elliott

    Also, if you give 2 oz of Thieved Household Cleaner undiluted, it will give the recipient of the sample plenty to do a lot of cleaning with.


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