Recipes WANTED from YOU!


Hello Everyone!

Some of us are sitting here in front of a large patio door looking out at an absolutely gorgeous blue sky with a few fall colors beginning to show on some of the trees around here! God’s beauty is simply breathtaking!

How does it look in your area? Leave us a comment and let us know. Would love to hear from you.

Okay, we are working on so many projects but continue to work on the “Love It, Share It” cards. Soon we will be focusing on the blends! This is where we hope some of YOU can help. We need recipe and/or usage ideas for the blends and would love to feature yours on one of the sharing cards.

If you share a recipe, please make sure it only includes one blend (i.e. Thieves, Grounding, etc.).

Be sure it is not for a blend that we already have a card posted on the blends page.

Be sure the instructions are quick and short — it has to fit on the card. So, keep it super simple.

If you represent and/or have a team, let us know your team name so we can give you credit for the recipe. If you just want your name listed, that is fine, no problem, just let us know exactly how you would like your name stated. Sorry, we cannot give links, not enough room on the card but we can give a link to your FB business page on the post, so feel free to send us your business page link.

Send the recipe, usage suggestions, and all other information to — we look forward to receiving all your wonderful suggestions and recipes!!

Get out there and enjoy your day!

~ All of us here at the Oil Posse office!

We would love to hear from you! Reply here

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