Oil Bottle Label Update

We must take a moment to give KUDOs where KUDOs are due . . . the owner of Grand Parfums II and I, Amy Moore, Oil Posse team leader, had a long conversation . . . once she finally realized why she had SO many oil bottle labels and that they were for a pre-designed essential oil label template, she understood why a refund was the only thing that could be done.

It is my understanding that she allowed most buyers to keep the incorrect label sheets and still receive a full refund. She also sent me a pack of the correct labels at no charge. Thank you so much for those.

She informed me that she hopes to have the labels available again on Amazon very soon and she sincerely hopes that this error will not keep anyone from ordering from her in the future.

Keep an eye out for Grand Parfums II’s return and order with confidence when they do!

Also, we are working on a few projects that will be released soon . . . as always, keep an eye on the blog!

Cheers to good health and abundant growth from all of us here at the Oil Posse headquarters!

2 thoughts on “Oil Bottle Label Update

  1. Ann Fuller

    Thank you for all the work you put into ‘Love It, Share It. I have printed everything off that you have posted (not used anything yet LOL just getting ready for a big burst next year. I have one request: if possible when you do anything with a price i.e. PSK can you leave the price off and have it that people in other countries can put the price on ?

    1. The Oil Posse Post author


      Thank you for writing. We have very few offerings with a price. For those with the PSK, they are specific to the United States and because compliance varies by country we would prefer these only be used by Young Living members residing in the United States. Even some of the “Love It, Share It” cards are not compliant in many other countries. We do hope you understand.


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