Think Inside The Box 2017

Here is a great tool to share with your new members! This document was developed by Lauren Bretz and updated by Angie Hepp. Huge appreciation sent out to both of them for their time and generosity!! The PDF file for this document is located beneath the preview of the two pages below! If you see Lauren or Angie online be sure to give them a shout out for this great tool!!thinkinsidetheboxpg1


Click/Touch >> HERE << to download the two above preview pages in one PDF file

7 thoughts on “Think Inside The Box 2017

  1. Joy C

    A HUGE shout out to the awesome ladies who created and updated this. You all rock and are a blessing to team YL. Thank you so much!

  2. Karen

    Can you make a box list for Canadian Market? I have several members who ate on our team from Canada and they can’t use the oils by insertion. So can you make up one that is for Canadians?

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      Hi Karen,

      Unfortunately we are not well versed in the guidelines and laws in other countries. Therefore, there are only plans to produce United States compliant material, at this time. Just staying on top of the U.S. guidelines keeps us pretty busy. We hope you will understand. Thanks for writing.

  3. Amanda Waterworth

    When I got my starter kit 2 years ago, I didn’t have or know of all these resources to help me figure out my next steps to guide me through my kit. A HUGE thank you to the ladies that put this together and keep it updated and are willing to share this with all new (and old, me) oilers!! I am beyond appreciative to your generosity to help someone that just winged it in the beginning and then just 7 months ago got serious to change her wellness journey for the better and share it with anyone and everyone. Thank you again! 🤗😍

  4. Peggy Lindell

    This was very informative and helpful to read about our wonderful resources we have at our very own fingertips! Thank you for sharing this information with me 😊 I can’t wait to put yo use all these oils I have experienced through this YL company!


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