Banner: YL Bride

YL4Brides2017_PREVIEW_2x6We are so excited to provide you with this high-quality 2.5′ x 6′ Young Living Bride themed banner.

Young Living U.S. Members

We were very careful to use the measurements and guidelines provided by Vista Print for this particular banner.

Just a few guidelines for use:

  • Please do not alter this banner.
  • Please provide a link back to this page when sharing the banner with others.
  • No one is authorized to sell this banner in any form.

We give permission for this banner to be printed through any outlet for your personal use.



Click/Touch >> HERE << to save the PDF file for the above banner. This is the file you will need for printing via Vista Print

Tutorial Video

This short video will show you how to upload this banner to Vista Print. Click/touch here to go to Vista Print and upload this banner.

Grommet Banner Stand

Signworld X Banner Stand works with grommets and is supposed to work with Vista Print’s 30” x 72” vertical banner

Click/touch this link to order a banner stand, for this banner, directly from Amazon.

Other Vendor Event Supplies and Checklist

Click/touch here to view our ultimate Vendor Event Supplies and Checklist page.

4 thoughts on “Banner: YL Bride

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      Those that have printed the banner have said good things. It will always depend on the printer. The banner design is a high-quality 300dpi image but we never make any guarantees about the printing — each printer, machine, ink is different. Thanks for writing.

  1. Peggy Carwin

    I’m thinking about mailing something with this image to summer brides? Can this wok as anything other than the beautiful banner?

    1. Field and Herbs Post author

      You can size down, as long as you keep the ratios the same, for instance and 8 inch x 12 inch could size down to a 4 inch x 6 inch. It may work as a rack card, which would be a pretty good size for mailing. Not sure how the white words would look when reduced so keep that in mind.


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