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Avery22825Please check your Amazon order for the clear round labels — if they are not specifically the Avery 22825 labels then cancel that order — we had the incorrect label link on the post. We fixed the link and it now links to the Avery 22825 clear round labels that will work with the template we provided.

Here is the correct link that is now on the post: http://amzn.to/2sKBRAt

Our apologies for the error.

PSK Oil Bottles for Clear Labels


We’ve had quite a few request to design a template so that the PSK oil bottles can be printed on clear labels. We are pleased to provide you with your request! These have been used to create “sniff station” or “aroma bar” bottles/jars. They do look super cute on the bottles. Now, instead of printing, trimming, and taping, you can simply print and stick!

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Links and Cards

Hi Everyone,

We want to apologize for the issues you are having with a few of the links lately. There is nothing wrong on your end and nothing wrong on our end. The links were changed on purpose. Why? Because we had a few errors with a few of the cards. We thought they went through our proofing volunteer member but they had not and some errors and compliance issues were caught. One of the compliance issues was actually brought to our attention from a cross-line member and we thank her so much for catching our error.

Here is the correct link for the Love It, Share It: Aroma Life card: https://theoilposse.com/2017/06/04/loveitshareit-aroma-life/

Here is the correct link for the Love It, Share It: 3 Eucalyptus Essential Oils info card: https://theoilposse.com/2017/06/03/love-it-share-it-3eucalyptuseos/

We appreciate your patience and will work harder to ensure this incidence is fewer and farther between. If you downloaded either of the above cards earlier, please click on the links above to ensure you have the updated and correct card.

Thanks, everyone and keep those suggestions rolling in!

The Oil Posse Team