PSK Oil Bottles for Clear Labels


We’ve had quite a few request to design a template so that the PSK oil bottles can be printed on clear labels. We are pleased to provide you with your request! These have been used to create “sniff station” or “aroma bar” bottles/jars. They do look super cute on the bottles. Now, instead of printing, trimming, and taping, you can simply print and stick!

These are designed to work with Avery’s 22825 clear round 2″ labels. Be sure to measure whichever container you are going to create your aroma bar with so that there is room for a 2″ label.

We prefer to add epsom salt and a few drops of oil to create the aroma experience. We selected this preference because the epsom salt can be added to bath water or a foot soak when it is time to replace and refill. We typically replace and refill ours after each event. The number of drops will vary depending on the “strength” of the aromatic output of the oil. Some we’ve had to put up to 6 drops (such as lemon) mixed with the epsom salt to get a good aromatic experience and others have been as low as 2 drops (such as Frankincense). Just experiment and see what works for you.

Please respect our time and generosity by providing a link back to this page when sharing this with others. Please do not take the file and post in groups or in any location as your own. A link back is always appreciated.



Click/touch HERE to download the PDF, with a transparent background, for the above full page label template


Avery 22825 clear round labels, purchase directly from Amazon:



*This is our preference because it takes up less space on our vendor table. Click/touch HERE to order directly from Amazon (be sure to order 2 of these) and the lids are 2.5 inches round.



However, if you prefer individual jars these may be a good option. 12 Spice Jars, plastic, height of 5.1 inches, PETE stamped and BPA free:


10 thoughts on “PSK Oil Bottles for Clear Labels

  1. Rossana

    Love these and got the suggested supplies but mine don’t look as bright as your photo. What am I doing wrong?

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      Hi Rossana,

      There are MANY, many (cannot stress this enough) factors that influence the quality and clarity of images that are printed. Type/Brand of Printer, Type/Brand of Ink, Age of Ink, and so on. You could line up 10 different brands and types of printers and each would provide a different quality/look of what was being printed.

      You can try a different brand of ink, or new ink of the brand you have, or a new printer . . . laser printers print clearer and better than ink jet printers.

      So, probably nothing you did and usually not something you can simply tweak in settings, just an issue of the quality/type of printer and/or ink.

  2. Doug Fischer

    Love theses although they don’t line up when I print them off. I have the labels you had suggested. Do they need to be in word doc? As it only allows them as a pdf download.

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      They work great as a PDF just be sure your printer’s scale is set to 100%. Most printers default is “fit to page” and they will not align properly with this setting. Thanks for writing.


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