Mini Flyer: Think INSIDE The Box

Here is an AMAZING, budget friendly way to encourage your new team members!!! We present you with TWO 4×6 mini sized flyers with the 21 Day “Think Inside the Box” challenge . . . it may be small but it is packed with information to give your new members a daily challenge that should help get them more acquainted with their new PSK line of essential oils. At just 15 cents (less with coupon codes and/or sales) per flyer you can easily plant seeds all over town! Why 4″ x 6″ size? Because you can have this printed as a matte photo, which will save you TONS on marketing material. We even left space for you to add your contact information AND a space to add in your upline’s contact information! Keep an eye on the blog . . . we’ll have more mini flyers coming soon!

Here is a great deal . . . order via Shutterfly and if it is your first time ordering with them you will receive FIFTY photos (flyers) for FREE!!!! How cool is that?!

In fact, until August 10, 2017 all new Shutterfly customers (orders) will receive 50 free prints, one free magnet and one free set of address labels! Click this link to go to Shutterfly now.

Want this set of flyers? Click and then “right click and save” OR “touch and hold then save” to save the each of the two flyer design images to your device. The method will depend on the device you are using. The flyer design is a high-quality JPG image file.



How To: Add Text to the Mini Flyer

We created a video to walk you through the process of adding text to your mini flyer using PicMonkey’s FREE service.


Make the mini-flyer even better by adding a strip of “peel and stick” magnet to the top of the flyer. This allows people to quickly put the flyer on their fridge for easy reference.


Get the magnets by clicking this link — ProMag 2 x 3.5 inches adhesive business card magnets, 100 pieces per pack, easy to cut with scissors:


The font print on these mini flyers IS on the small side SO if you have team members that are wonderfully aged or have trouble seeing small print, you may want to consider providing this as an 8.5 x 11 sheet, found HERE, OR offer them one of these 4.5″ x 7″ magnifying sheets (click/touch HERE to order the magnifying sheet directly from Amazon)


2 thoughts on “Mini Flyer: Think INSIDE The Box

  1. Cara

    I would like to know if there is a certain dietary supplement that supports a healthy lymphatic system?


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