10 thoughts on “Ultimate Autumn Event Package

  1. Cheryl

    This is beautiful!!! I just finished printing the drops themed package for my event later this month… think I might have to start over! 🙂 One question though, is there anyway to change the aroma jar labels so that they fit the smaller jars you suggested? I think the label would have to be 1 – 1 1/2 inches. Thanks for being so generous with your designs!

  2. Cyndi Carriker

    Do you have plans (or anything already) that is All things YL but in flyer size? Love the banner but need flyer more than a banner right away. A banner is something we might grow into.

  3. Kim Rodriguez

    I am having trouble printing the Autumn event cards. I’ve downloaded the zip file but it won’t let me print them. When I open them with Paint, it prints larger than 4×6. Any suggestions?
    BTW, I love the way the Autumn printouts look!


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