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Printable: Supplement Tracker

SupplementTracker-Weekly-PREVIEWONLYDONOTPRINTThis has been a long time coming! We’ve received many requests for a Supplement Tracker and we are elated to finally be able to provide you with one, we feel, meets the needs of most of us. One page is good for an entire week. If you take the same one more than once a day, just put it on 2, 3, 4 or more spaces. You can also write beside your multiple a day supplements “morning, noon, or night.” There is also a section to indicate whether you take your supplement with or without food. Enjoy!

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Love It Share It: Shutran 3 in 1

We are beginning a new series in our Love It, Share It card theme designs … Young Living’s Shutran product line! Up first is Young Living’s Shutran 3-in-1 product specifically formulated for men.


Click/Touch here to go to the Love It Share It: Shutran page where you can download this card

Gift Cards: YL Style


GiftCard_WoodLook_TOPTWe are thrilled to present you with these Young Living themed gift cards. You can print them from home or have them printed. They should work with any printing outlet of your choice (Vista Print, Moo, etc.). They are business card size to save you money and make it easy for the person receiving the gift card to carry in his/her wallet. We’ve even included link for white envelopes that are made just for this card size! Enjoy. Continue reading

Love It, Share It: Thieves Mints

A Thieves Mints card has been added to the Love It, Share It card page.

*NOTE: yes, we are aware this product is out of stock. However, we have had a large number of requests for this card. We can only assume many of you purchased a large amount, to give during this holiday season, when they were in stock. So, for those that needed this card, enjoy.
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Love It, Share It: Ravintsara

Ravintsara EO card has been added to the Love It, Share It Singles card page.
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