PowerPoint: 2018 PSK, EO 101

Essential Oils Essential Rewards Marketing Material PowerPoint YL Classes 760


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The revision is complete — get the correct version at this link: https://theoilposse.com/2018/02/17/presentation-essential-oil-basics-eo-101/


  1. Four diffuser options. Question. Is the Home diffuser still an option???

    Peg Losey Young Living Distributor www:yldist.com/peg Losey


    1. We are updating this now. Thanks for writing.

  2. The sample sachets of oils are being replaced with the sample of Thieves. The graphic still shows the oil sample sachets. The Home diffuser is not an option for new members enrolling with a Premium Starter Kit.

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    1. Yes, correct, we are updating it now. Thanks for writing.

  3. You are awesome!

    1. You are, as well! Thanks for being patient.

  4. Will this get updated with the new 2019 Starter Kit that includes the Valor and Peace & Calming?

    1. Thanks for writing, please see this page: https://theoilposse.com/psk-update-checklist/

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