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Together the Oil Posse Team has a long history of natural-alternative product usage. One area we excel at is supporting ourselves, our families, and our environment through essential oils and essential oil infused products.

We’ve taken all of this knowledge and rolled it into several educational courses — the first, of which, is our unique Abundance: Essential Oil Beginnings 3-day course.

We look forward to educating you on your journey of abundant wellness learning and growth.

Click/Touch “Day 1” below to begin the Abundance: Essential Oil Beginnings 3-day course.

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Below is entry to our exclusive “Home Cleansing: cleaner, greener, safer” course. This is an extensive but fun, 8-day course. Do not let the length of this course scare you off. Each day takes about 40 minutes to complete. We encourage you to stick with the time frame we designed because it will allow you to truly absorb and think about each of the days topics. If you rush through the course the true meaning of this, as a whole, will be lost. Allow yourself time to carefully study the information and take it one-day-at-a-time for the full eight days. You will take so much more away from the course, if you do.

We hope you come out of this course with a deeper understanding of the potential dangers lurking in your home and ways to reduce and/or eliminate your and your family’s exposure to those dangers. Let’s not forget those of us with pets, exposure to them is just as detrimental as it is to humans.

Click/Touch “Day 1” below to begin the Home Cleansing course.

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