ATTENTION: If you ordered a set of labels via Amazon, count the labels, it should be ELEVEN across and FOURTEEN down, which gives 154 labels per sheet. What we just received was TWELVE across and SEVENTEEN down, which WILL NOT WORK with this design.

NOTE: When you request a refund, Grand Parfum II, will send you a template. Immediately email them back and state this:

“I do not need a template. I already have a pre-designed template for the ADVERTISED sheet of labels of 11 across and 14 down. You sold me labels that were NOT AS ADVERTISED. Please promptly send me a postage-paid-return label so I can ship these back to you for a full refund.  Thank you”

Please return them and request a refund because that is not what is advertised or showing in the preview.

What they previously sold (11 across, 14 down, 154 per sheet) was what was advertised and how these were designed and tested.

Here is what you can do, follow the link for the labels below and make sure you are purchasing from Kimmeric Studio (they originally created the post for 11 across and 14 down so they should sell the correct labels).

Or, you can purchase a full sheet and a half-inch hole punch and punch them out yourself.


orderlabels Oil Bottle Labels for your printer: 12 sheets (total of 1,848 labels) 1/2” blank white round circle stickers 8.5 x 11 — click/touch here to order directly from Amazon
averyfullsheetlabels Full-Size label for your printer: Avery, pack of 25 sheets — for those who would rather use a half-inch hole punch and punch out their labels — click/touch here to order directly from Amazon
halfinchholepunch EK Tools half-inch hole punch — this is the BEST one we’ve found because you can see the entire half inch circle that you are punching before you punch it! — click/touch here to order directly from Amazon