AOK Newsletter 10 Preview


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In this edition we will explore our twelve body systems. It is nearly impossible for any of us to research and make informed choices about our bodies, if we do not have an understanding of the basics. It is true that we cannot, as representatives of Young Living, make claims that any Young Living product will cure/treat/heal any symptom/illness/injury/disease. We simply cannot connect any Young Living product to anything that would fall below the wellness line. However, that does not mean we cannot research and make decisions for our own personal bodies and/or wellness support. If we have a better understanding about our twelve body systems — what organs, muscles, nerves, etc. are within those twelve body systems — then we can make solid, informed choices to better support our own healthy bodies.

Let’s begin with an unbiased video that has nothing to do with Young Living.

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Young Living’s Royal Crown Diamond Leader, Shannon Hudson put together a presentation about YL and our 12 body systems. She also made a video to go along with her presentation. We are providing links to both of those below:

Click/touch here to review the presentation

Click/touch here to watch the video that goes along with the presentation

If you want to take your personal education further, we encourage you to check out the essential oil specific resources available at Life Science Publishing.

Until next time, cheers to your good health.