AOK Newsletter 7 Preview


Hello *|FNAME|*,

This is a very sensitive topic but we want to address it early with you. Compliance, what is it? What do people mean when they say something someone has said is, “non-compliant?”

These may not be questions you have now but probably will at some point during  your essential oil journey. Young Living’s essential oils have not gone through the process of being classified as a drug (over-the-counter or prescription). Therefore, as representatives of Young Living (those who can potentially profit from what they say), we cannot promote their essential oils as a drug. Meaning we cannot make claims that any of Young Living’s essential oils will heal/treat/cure any symptom/illness/injury (even if they have for us personally, we cannot make that claim). Young Living has two usage classifications of essential oils; topical/aromatic (cosmetic) and dietary supplements.

Young Living’s topical/aromatic essential oils can be discussed in ways that fit this usage. For example, “thieves essential oil has a warm and inviting aroma when diffused” or “when I combine wintergreen and rosemary essential oil with a carrier oil it has a relaxing aroma and feels warm when massaged onto my legs after exercise.” In the later example, you said how it feels to your skin without implying/stating that it is doing anything for you or your skin (very important to note that difference).

We have a little more wiggle room when we talk about Young Living’s Vitality line of essential oils. Remember these are considered as dietary supplements. So, we can connect them to our healthy body systems but only to promote, maintain, or support something that is healthy. So, for example, you can say, “I mix a drop or two of Thieves Vitality essential oil into my tea before shopping to support my healthy immune system” or “After I eat spicy foods, I combine a drop of DiGize Vitality with a teaspoon of honey to maintain a healthy digestive system.”

Here’s the thing to remember — no, you do not have to be perfect — there are so many guidelines it would be impossible to know for sure if every statement you make is 100% compliant. The important thing is to ask questions, take time to learn what you can, and ONLY, ONLY get answers directly from the source, Young Living Conduct and Education. You will find there are SO many controversial thoughts on compliance that it will make your head spin. Quite a few members simply will not promote Young Living as a business because of this. There is honestly no reason to be that fearful. First off, if you make an unintentional non-compliant statement  no one is going to “throw you in jail” or “kick you out of Young Living” — okay, so just relax, if you make an error, learn from it and move forward. We are here to assist and so is Young Living. YL Conduct is fabulous and they will help you gain a good understanding regarding compliance so feel free to write them as often as you need to ( You can absolutely share safely and compliantly without fear.

There are four fabulous resources for sharing in a compliant manner.

  1. Young Living’s current product guide (designed to be a stand alone sharing tool)
  2. Young Living’s brochures and booklets found in your virtual office
  3. The Oil Posse website (, which is full of compliant marketing material
  4. Oil Revolution Designs ( booklets and brochures that are compliant along with a monthly subscription for some awesome shareable media graphics (like graphics to conduct a complete online Facebook class and so much more)
  5. Diamond, Shannon Hudson ( offers complete powerpoint presentations for many various Young Living specific topics

We hope this gives you more confidence about sharing while staying compliant. Again, we are here to help. Please reach out to us or to Young Living’s Conduct and Education department if you have any questions.

Until next time, share what you love without fear!