AOK Newsletter 9 Preview


Hello *|FNAME|*,

Let’s start by saying this edition may not be for everyone and that’s okay. Some people join Young Living to enjoy the oils and products for their own personal use. Some join with the intent of using personally but discover so many benefits that they cannot help but go “global” and share with others. While there are even some who join with the intent of building it as a business from the start. It does not matter which one of these you fall into, you are a Young Living member, a member of our team, and you will always be welcomed and special no matter how you choose to proceed with your membership.

If you do, however, want to share with others and possibly begin earning some pocket money or even build it so that it is your only income, this edition may hold the information you are seeking.

First and foremost, if you even remotely think you may want to share Young Living with others, you will want to have an understanding of Young Living’s compensation plan. In the beginning it can seem a bit overwhelming but it really is not that complicated and there are a ton of awesome resources to make it even easier to comprehend. We will share two of those resources with you in this edition. Also, if you are serious about business building, reach out to one of your higher level uplines for support.

First, we want to introduce you to “Driven for Success” by Jake Dempsey. Jake does a phenomenal job of getting to the heart of the compensation plan and introducing it in a way that makes it super easy to comprehend. There is even a book study Facebook group to provide you with further support and you can ask questions there! Jake has an online site that provides tutorial videos to use as you read the book. No worries, it is a pretty short book with lots of visuals! (side note: we do not profit from the sales of this book, we just think it really is that good)

Click here to order the book.

Click here to join the Facebook group.

Click here to find the online book study website.

Another great resource is Monique McLean’s videos about Young Living’s compensation plan. She does an amazing job of giving colorful visuals to help you really understand the plan. She even did a video with Jake about the compensation plan! Double win. We also suggest finding a copy of her “Circle for Success” book! It is fantastic but no longer available for purchase. Although someone within your upline (the person who signed up the person who signed up you and on up) may have an extra copy. If not, we’ve heard rumors that the GamePlan book and workbook is another awesome tool. We will provide the link for that, as well.

Here are the links to Monique’s compensation videos:

Why Learning the Young Living Compensation Plan is so Vital

Understanding Young Living Terminology

Young Living Kit and Fast Start Bonuses Explained

Young Living Rank Qualifications and Unilevel Payout

Here are the links for the GamePlan book and workbook:

Gameplan Book

Gameplan Workbook

Young Living’s Compensation Resources

PDF file for the Young Living Compensation Plan, click here

We hope this gives you all of the information you need to begin building Young Living as a business. However, please remember we are here for you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Until next time, happy sharing!