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About The Oil Posse

The Oil Posse team develops materials to assist all YL members with sharing wellness. Our hope is to educate awareness for plant-based wellness alternatives. We want you to "be oil amazed!"

2018 PSK Large Event Banner



Our most popular banner has been updated with Citrus Fresh and Raven. We are so excited to provide you with this high-quality 2.5′ x 6′ PSK (premium starter kit) themed banner. **DO NOT right click (or touch and hold) to save the graphic above, it is scaled down for preview only. Download the PDF file below the second preview image. The correct file/image will NOT have “preview” as part of the file name.** Continue reading

Presentation: Essential Oil Basics, EO 101


2018 Version 2 — Updated the update. The Oil Posse team brings to you a complimentary Essential Oils Basics, EO 101, Support, Wellness, and You class presentation. This presentation comes complete with the PowerPoint file, PDF script file, PDF of the presentation (for times when you do not have access to electricity and want to use a flipboard), and Individual JPG images of each slide so you can host this as a Facebook class. This is a complete EO 101 class package and has been updated with Citrus Fresh and Raven. It is current as of 17 Feb 2018. Enjoy Continue reading

PowerPoint: 2018 PSK, EO 101


This page has been moved. See link below

The revision is complete — get the correct version at this link:

Event Cards: Raven and Citrus Fresh


Young Living has replaced R.C. with Raven and Purification with Citrus Fresh! With these changes we know you need these two cards to match your Ultimate Event Graphics Set! You can save them from this page or get them from the Ultimate Event Graphics page. We will have these two cards available in the other Ultimate Event Graphics set designs just as soon as possible. Continue reading

Brochure: 2018 PSK

2018PSK_Brochure_Back_Interior-PREVIEWONLYDONOTPRINTBrochure featuring the newly updated 2018 PSK set of oils with the Raven and Citrus Fresh replacements. Free for ALL Young Living Members to download, print, and use. This includes printing through professional printing service (VistaPrint, Office Depot, etc.). Continue reading

Flyer: 55 Uses for the PSK, UPDATED

Here is a fantastic flyer that offers 55 unique uses for the Premium Oil Collection that comes with every Premium Starter Kit with diffuser option. Get ahead of the game with this newly revised sharing tool. Your favorite PSK flyer is now updated to reflect the Raven and Citrus Fresh addition/replacement. Continue reading

Love It, Share It: KidScents MightyZyme

A Love It, Share It KidScents MightyZyme card has been added to the My Oily Kids page.


Click/touch here to find the card in alphabetical order on the Love It, Share It My Oily Kids page

Continue reading