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We are super thrilled to present you with a complete Young Living themed BINGO party kit!! At this time we offer you 12 unique BINGO cards along with 75 calling cards. Eventually there will be a total of 100 unique BINGO cards so keep an eye on the blog for more cards coming soon. However, twelve are enough to get  you going for a small gathering, event, or class.

Here is something special about our BINGO calling cards . . . you can use them in more than one way . . . each card has the name of the oil (evenly distributed between singles, blends, and vitality oils) along with information that pertains to that specific oil. So, instead of just calling out the name of the oil you can read the information and have your guests guess at which oil you are talking about!!! Cool, huh!?! You can also just use the calling cards for a “guess that oil” type of game to play instead of BINGO. Two games in one!! or get creative and create your own game/rules. No matter how you decide to use the kit, just relax and have fun!!

A few guidelines for using our material, please:

  1. No one has our permission to profit from the material on our site in any way, shape, or form.
  2. Please do not upload any material from our site into any social media outlet. We appreciate it more if you would provide a link back to the page you found the material from. We are constantly updating material so if you provide the link back here then those you are sharing with can obtain the updated material.
  3. Please do not alter this kit in any way.

With that said, have fun and enjoy!



There are THREE PDF downloads for the TWELVE BINGO cards beneath this graphic.


Click/touch HERE to download BINGO cards 1-4

Click/touch HERE to download BINGO cards 5-8

Click/touch HERE to download BINGO cards 9-12


There are EIGHT PDF downloads for the 75 calling cards. Ten cards per page with five cards on the final page. Download these eight files beneath the Abundance Calling Card graphic below.


Click/touch HERE to download calling cards page 1

Click/touch HERE to download calling cards page 2

Click/touch HERE to download calling cards page 3

Click/touch HERE to download calling cards page 4

Click/touch HERE to download calling cards page 5

Click/touch HERE to download calling cards page 6

Click/touch HERE to download calling cards page 7

Click/touch HERE to download calling cards page 8


Here are instructions and supplies to help you put together your BINGO kit. It is a good idea to laminate your BINGO cards. This will allow them to be used over and over again. You can have your guests mark them with cool transparent BINGO chips or have them simply make a check mark in each product square. Just be sure they do not mark the product out completely so their card can be verified.

We definitely recommend you laminate the calling cards, as well. We run our cards through the laminator twice to ensure a good, solid seal. Then we use a paper trimmer to trim between the cards.

Laminate and trim instructions: print the cards, if you purchase the perforated cards (recommended) carefully fold at perforations then pull apart. Now align them inside the laminating pouch so they are NOT touching each other. Leave a pretty good space between them (top, sides, and bottom). Run through laminator TWICE, allow to cool, then trim around cards. Leave a little edge around the card so that they remain sealed.

BINGO card paper, four to a page, perforated:

Card Stock Paper (without perforations, will need to trim):

Calling Card (business card) paper, TEN to a page, perforated

Laminator with 100-pack Laminating Pouches

Paper Trimmer, 12” cut length

Bingo Chips, 1000 pack, several colors to select from

Write/Erase Marker, 12 pack, black

Colorful Arts and Crafts Storage Tote to keep it all organized, with shoulder strap


    1. Thank you! But did you mean to put the N backwards on the bingo card?

      1. Yes, that is a built in feature of that particular font.

        Thanks for writing.

  1. Stephanie (Becky) Alexander

    FANTASTICO!!!!!!! YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!   Becky

  2. I was just wondering if you have finished more of the Bingo cards. It says you will eventually have 100. I only see 12 so far so I’m not sure if I am not looking in the right place.

    1. They are on a very, very, very large list. It will happen but cannot give a timeframe right now. Thanks for writing.

      1. Could I pay for someone to make more of the Bingo Cards? I would be happy to do so.

        1. We never accept money and have been super busy updating all of the PSK material due to the recent changes to the PSK. It is on the list and we will have new ones at some point but cannot give an ETA right now.

  3. This is spectacular! Just a follow up to the comment back in April – any update for more than 12 cards? 🙂 We have an event in November, and these are genius. Looking for only about 12 more to cover our party.

    1. Dear Jill,

      We’ve had changes within our design team. It is down to just one person and I cannot tell you when updates will be completed. Thanks for writing.

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