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Brochure Classes Essential Oils Marketing Material Vitality 2111

2018PSK_Brochure_Back_Interior-PREVIEWONLYDONOTPRINTBrochure featuring the newly updated 2018 PSK set of oils with the Raven and Citrus Fresh replacements. Free for ALL Young Living Members to download, print, and use. This includes printing through professional printing service (VistaPrint, Office Depot, etc.).


Just a few guidelines for use:

  • Please do not alter our designs (with the exception of those designs, i.e. flyers, brochures, and business cards, that have an area for you to add your contact information)
  • Please do not use as a social media graphic. This is for printing only.
  • Please provide a link back to this page when sharing the banner with others.
  • No one is authorized to sell this banner in any form.
  • Our designs our made to meet U.S. compliance. We do not design for other countries as we are not well versed with the compliance requirements for other countries. If you select a design to use in another country, it is your responsibility to ensure it meets that countries compliance regulations.
  • Our designs are free for any Young Living member to use, specifically U.S. members, see bullet point above.

The brochure was designed using professional software and saved as a high-quality pdf file. To get the most of the vibrant colors it is recommended that you have this printed through a professional printing service. However, it can be printed using an at-home color printer. This is a two-sided, high-quality 8.5 x 11″ tri-fold brochure.

We have designed this brochure to work with VistaPrint’s 8.5×11 trifold brochure specifications.

The link to download the file is found beneath the brochure’s respective picture below.

With all the necessary formalities out of the way — Enjoy!


Click/Touch here to download the OUTSIDE (front) of the this brochure.


Click/Touch here to download the INSIDE (back) of this brochure.

Brochure Paper


Click/Touch here to order quality tri-fold brochure paper.

Brochure & Business Card Holder


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  1. Thank you for sharing! As a relatively new member who is still learning, but also sharing, I truly appreciate your dedication and devotion to helping!

  2. i am looking to print cards(like bigger recipe card size) info cards on individual oils and what they can do for us.

    1. Our material conforms to federal guidelines for marketing products that are not classified as drugs. No Young Living member can state that any essential oil can treat/heal any symptom/disease/illness/injury. There are only a few YL products, the ones classified as “over-the-counter” that can make illness claims. YL’s essential oils fall under two classifications, cosmetic (external use) or dietary supplement (internal use). Please see our page that explains this more in-depth. Thanks for writing.

  3. Will this brochure be updated to reflect the new 2019 PSK?
    And thank you for all you guys do and share with us!!

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