BACKMasculineYLBizCardThis business card set is by special request for a masculine and sharp toned card. This set also features the “six steps to becoming a YL member” on the back. This card design is set to work with Vista Print Standard and Moo Standard requirements. You can order from whichever company suits your needs and/or budget. If curious about the difference, it is our opinion that the color quality is a tad bit better with Moo than Vista Print. We also feel the quality of the card is a bit thicker and of higher quality with Moo than with Vista Print but either will get the job done. The differences are not huge so it will be a matter of personal choice. Either way, they should help to have a positive impact for your Young Living business. The designs are free for ALL Young Living members with just a few guidelines for usage, as stated below. Enjoy!

Guidelines for Usage:

  1. No one has our permission to alter the design, other than to add your own personal information where indicated.
  2. No one has our permission to profit from this design (other than the company selected for printing) but no one has our permission to sell this design.
  3. When sharing online (social media), please respect our time in developing the material and provide a link back to this post.




Click/Touch >> HERE << to download the above card in PDF format (holds colors and design more vibrantly)

BACKMasculineYLBizCardClick/Touch >> HERE << to download the above card in PDF format (holds colors and design more vibrantly)


VistaPrint – If you decide to purchase using VistaPrint, any standard print font type would work well. The very light grey color font number is: e6e6e6 but a standard white should be okay. The choice is yours.

Moo — You will need to use a program such as PicMonkey or Photoshop to add your information before uploading to Moo. Same info for font type and color as stated for VistaPrint. If you need to use PicMonkey you will want to save the JPG of the design above. Just click on the card then save as you would any other JPG image.


You can use Avery print-at-home online software to print from home, if you so desire. Please remember printers can be touchy so what may work on one, may not work on another. Be sure your printing scale is set to 100%.

Avery Business Card Printing Paper:

Business Card Table Display Holder:

Business Card Holder (for carrying in purse or pocket):