Can I make my own products with YL’s products to sell? This is a very common question that comes up a lot. We hope to answer your question so that there is a firm understanding about this practice.

As a Young Living Representative you may NOT:

  1. Make products that COMPETE with any product sold by Young Living.
  2. Make a product and LABEL it as containing Young Living products (including essential oils)
  3. Sell products at the same table/booth and/or EVENT that you are representing Young Living at . . . you cannot be tied to Young Living in any form or fashion when selling your own products
  4. Label your products ingredients with specific trademark/registered names that belong to Young Living (i.e. Thieves, Purification, En-R-Gee, etc.)
  5. Create labels on products you have “re-bottled” to make the label look like a YL product — such as YL’s Thieves Household Cleaner (this is true even if you are giving away the product)

Bottom line, if you truly wish to sell your own products then you must do so in a way that NO ONE can connect you with Young Living.

Why? Liability is the biggest reason. Let’s say you make a lotion and sell it. Your customer then breaks out with a rash because you did not list one of the ingredients you used and that person was allergic to that ingredient. The person then decides to sue you. If the product you made can be connected to Young Living then Young Living also becomes liable for that product. OR, you mishandle an ingredient, a fatty ingredient like mango butter that becomes rancid, you sell the product and it makes someone violently ill . . . OR you make a product and label it as an insect repellent (even if you use a “cutsie” name like “bug be gone” it still implies insect repellent) and tie it to Young Living — this is a definite liability because you are violating EPA regulations — the product has to be registered as an insect repellent (which that alone is not an easy task because it has to be lab tested, contain certain ingredients, etc.) . . . get the picture. You place YL at risk when you make, package, and sell products and tie them to Young Living.

Non-compete is the other reason. If YL makes and sells lip balm (which they do) you cannot make a lip balm/chapstick, etc. and sell — as a representative of Young Living. Most of your DIY products will directly compete with YL’s products. They make lotions, bath bombs, body butters, skin care, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Even if they are out-of-stock, you still cannot make and sell products that compete with any Young Living product they offer.

This is true of 99.9% of the MLM’s out there. If you are with an MLM and believe you can make a product that competes with what they sell, please give them a call and ask, chances are you will find out that is not true. If it is then you are with one of the VERY, VERY few that do. We’ve been associated with many, many MLM’s over the years (along with many of our friends/family) and have yet to come across one that will allow you to sell products that compete with their products.

Another question that comes up — can I sell another MLM’s products with my YL products at the same booth. No, sorry, you cannot. You can, however, have two separate booths . . . as long as the product does not compete with any of YL’s products and you have someone else managing the other booth.

Another question that arises — can I offer COMPLIANT third party literature at my YL booth? Yes, as long as you are 100% sure the literature is compliant — makes NO claims that violates YL’s P&P and/or local/state/federal regulations. For example, if your material states to use lemon essential oil in a tea — that would violate labeling laws because YL’s lemon is for labeled for topical/aromatic usage. However, if the material states to use YL’s Lemon Vitality in a tea, then you are good to go. So, compliance is not just about making disease claims, it is about usage, as well.

Below is a document that was developed by Young Living Conduct and Education.





We hope this will help answer your question about selling DIY products. This seems to be a question that arises frequently. If you need more specific answers, please reach out to YL Conduct and Education, you should always get your answers directly from the source. You can reach them via email at