Many of you know what “Care Club” is but for those that do not we will shed a little light on the subject. “Care Club” is a term used for those who are sending out “care packages” to Young Living members who are on their team (in their downline). Some members will also send out “care packages” to people who are not yet Young Living members (prospective members). Typically, the person sending the package will select 3-4 Young Living products and provide a small sample of that product to the person receiving the “Care Club” package. Usually the sender will select 3-4 different products to send each month for three months. Some members send samples each month for longer than three months but the average is three months.

What is the purpose of “Care Club?” The purpose is to hopefully encourage people who are already Young Living members to venture out of their comfort zone and try new products. Ultimately the hope is for members who are not on Essential Rewards — Eeek, you mean there are actually YL members not taking advantage of the Essential Rewards Program? — I know, shocking but there are members who are not ordering through Essential Rewards! Anyway, the ultimate goal is to guide members to use more products, support their mind/body/soul, and to understand how advantageous Essential Rewards truly is!

The “Care Club” concept is also used to encourage people who are not Young Living members to get with the program and join! Seriously, why would you not want to support your mind, body, and soul! We cannot imagine our lives without essential oils, can you? It feels so good to feel good!

So, we developed this “Global Care Club” concept to provide you with a year’s worth of themes! Those receiving the “Care Club” goodies can experience scents from around the globe. How cool is that?!

See the bottom of this page for a list of supplies that you may need to get started with sending out “Care Club” packages. Also, be sure to check out the FAQ’s below the following twelve “Global Care Club” themes.

Now, we are pleased to introduce to you the “Global Care Club” TWELVE themes (download TWO themes per page with the PDF links that follow each of the twelve graphics below):

The following pages were designed to best fit Avery #3378, Half-Fold Greeting Cards, 5.5 x 8.5, white, box of 30. Click/Touch here to order directly from Amazon. After printing, simply cut at the fold.

Download the PDF pages, two per page, at the links below:

Click/Touch here to download the PDF page with Australia and China

Click/Touch here to download the PDF page with Ecuador and Egypt

Click/Touch here to download the PDF page with France and Hungary

Click/Touch here to download the PDF page with India and Italy

Click/Touch here to download the PDF page with Madagascar and Spain

Click/Touch here to download the PDF page with Tunisia and United States

Global Care Club FAQ’s

1) Do I have to send all of the oils on the page?

No, these are designed so you can place a check mark in the green heart (located to the left of the oil name on the card) for each oil you wish to send that month. How many you want to send is all up to you. This is your business, your choice, send 1, 2, or all.

2) Some of these oils say they could be obtained from various locations, how do I know if the oil I have comes from that particular location?

Here’s the deal, this is meant to be fun, you really cannot tell if it comes from that particular region. However, Young Living tests to ensure the constituents are in an average range for each batch. Therefore, the scent is going to be pretty similar. So, just share and have fun with it. It will be close even if it is not specifically from that region.

3) Can I use the individual graphic cards to share on social media outlets?

While we cannot stop you from doing so, we encourage you to not do this. We want this to be special surprise for those receiving the packages. Therefore, it would really help keep it special if the graphics were not plastered all over social media outlets. We understand that there will be those who will not respect this request and we hope you will politely reach out to him/her and remind him/her about our wishes. We greatly respect and appreciate all of you who will abide by these wishes.

4) Can I print these out and offer to sell them to other members?

No, please, we offer marketing material free of charge because we feel it is a blessing to help and share with others. Please do not charge others for our designs. If someone does not have a printer, it is super easy to download and send the pages to print with a local printer, such as Office Max or Staples. No one is authorized to use the designs for profit. Please respect our time and refer people to this page so they can obtain the pages here.

5) Can I share the link to this page with my downline?

Yes, absolutely

6) I am not on The Oil Posse Team, can I still download and use these?

Yes, all of our marketing material is free to download and use for all Young Living members. Enjoy!

7) You have “Copyright” on the cards and my printer will not print them?

Your printer needs a lesson on what “Copyright” means — with that said — you are allowed to download and print the cards. “Copyright” is used so that others will not take the design and claim it as their own. It does not mean that you cannot download and print the cards. Have your printer read this sentence:

“The Oil Posse gives permission for the public to download and print any and all of our designs.”

8) I want to send a “Love It, Share It” card for each of the oils stated on each of the cards. Do you have “Love It, Share It” cards for each of the oils? If not, will you?

We have made it a priority to design a “Love It, Share It” card for any of the oils that we currently do not have a card for . . . please keep an eye on the blog as we get these designed and posted for all of you to use.

Need Supplies

Next, we thought we would make things a bit easier on you and provide you with a list of our favorite supplies for sharing.

Mini oil bottles

These are good for providing samples of essential oils. You may want to wrap some “washi” tape around the cap and bottle to help prevent leaks and to make them look nicer.

Mini 1 ml Amber glass bottles with orifice reducer and caps, package of 12 – comes out to about 50 cents per bottle. Yes, you can find “cheaper” on Amazon but if you read the reviews, most of those are very thin/fine glass that has a good chance at shattering, which is not something you would want to mail or give to anyone. Be careful when selecting glass bottles for oil sharing. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Mini roller bottles

These are good for sharing oils that do well diluted, such as PanAway. Place 6-12 drops in the bottle, fill with a carrier oil (such as Jojoba oil), and place fitment and cap on bottle. Then you can wrap it with decorative “washi” tape to help prevent leaks and jazz it up a bit.

Mini 3 ml glass bottles with metal ball roll-on fitments and caps, package of 6 — comes out to about $1.20 per bottle. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Tiny jars

These are good for sharing lotions, toothpaste, lip balm, and conditioner. Not an all-inclusive list, but will give you a good idea of what to use it for.

5 gram (less than 1/4 ounce) plastic pot jars with lids, package of 50 — comes out to about 20 cents per jar. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Small Squeeze Bottles

These are good for shampoo, lotions, and other “squeeze” type of products.

Earth’s Essentials, 2.5 ounce squeeze bottles with cap dispenser, pack of 15 — comes out to about 93 cents per bottle. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Little Plastic Baggies

These are great for placing your tiny bottles/jars/lozenges in. Place some paper shreds (see section below) and then place the sample on top of the shreds. Not only does it look good but it provides a little extra padding for your sample.

3″ x 3″ reclosable storage bags, heavy duty, clear, case of 1,000 — comes out to about 2 cents per bag. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Crinkle Cut Paper Shreds

Okay, we may be a bit obsessed with these (so many colors!). We like to get colors that kind of fit the season/holiday and so forth. This link is for a natural color shred but you can get to other colors from here as well. The natural color is also a wonderful choice because it helps the “washi” tape pop a bit more. Just have fun with it all.

Crinkle cut paper shreds, 1/2 pound (8 ounces), natural — cost varies depending on use. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Decorative “Washi” Tape

We are probably a bit more obsessed with decorative “washi” tape than the paper shreds but the two kind of go hand in hand, in our opinion. You literally cannot have enough styles of “washi” tape, huh?! Here is a little tip: get some inexpensive paper towel holders (the kind with a rod for the towel holder) and attach 2-3 to a wooden board to hold all of your decorative tapes. Check on Pinterest for “washi” tape holders and you should see some great ideas.

Fun, colorful washi tape, set of 10 rolls — cost varies per use. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

*We do use others, as well but like the variety in this set.

Postcards, 4 per sheet

This is wonderful to have if (1) you have your own printer, (2) you send out note cards ’cause you can make your own and save some $$, and (3) if you are doing “Care Club,” the note/info cards are made to fit these.

Postcard sheets for your printer, Avery 5689, 4 cards per sheet, box of 200 cards (50 sheets) — comes out to about 5 cents per card. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

*We were getting a box of 400 cards (100 sheets) but they’ve been OOS for awhile. Keep an eye out for those to come back in stock as they are a really good value.

Cards, 6 per sheet

We use these all the time! They are the size we use to develop our DIY “Love It, Share It” cards, our other class card sets (select “card sets” from the drop down search list to see our class card sets), and our contact cards. They just work for so many things!

Avery white 3″ x 4″ cards, 6 per sheet, 300 cards (50 sheets) — comes out to about 4 cents per card. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Padded Bubble Mailers

Now you need something to ship all these little goodies in and you want to be sure to protect them, the best you can. So, here are white padded bubble mailers. We prefer white because you can decorate the front with stickers and/or decorative “washi” tape.

5″ x 10″ poly-padded bubble mailers, white, package of 100 — comes out to about 16 cents per envelope. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Shipping Labels

Yes, you can totally hand-write the address on your package, of course. However, we have found it is so convenient to use PayPal’s shipping feature to print our own labels. If you do not already have the direct link to print via PayPal, here it is (this is a clickable link).

Half sheet shipping labels, 200 labels (100 sheets), same size as Avery 5126 — comes out to about 5 cents per label. Click/Touch here to order the ones we use and recommend directly from Amazon.

Did we mention we tend to be Amazon junkies? We live kind of out of the way, so for us, Amazon is kind of a necessity. Who else is an Amazon junkie?

Just a note about the “cost per” — we based this on cost of item, not including tax or shipping — we have a Prime membership so we get free shipping (for most items we purchase; if you are a Prime member, all the items above were eligible for Prime when we posted the links). Just note, the cost breakdown was based on the price the item was listed at, at the time we posted this blog post; prices can change without notice.