Biz Card: PSK Rainstone Design

New business card design featuring the PSK with Rainstone diffuser option.

A new business card design featuring the PSK with Rainstone diffuser option.


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Business Card Designs

Business card designs for you to use.

We are “over the moon” excited to bring you Young Living themed business card designs! Be sure to follow our blog and/or bookmark this page as we will be adding more and more business card designs in the following weeks/months. More designs coming soon!Sample_YLPSKOils_TOPT

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10/90 Plan: Mini Cards

OMGoodness! This is just beyond cool!
First, have you heard of Shannon Hudson’s 10/90 Young Living plan? This is where you commit to making 10 contacts a day for 90 days. The contacts can include “care calls” to those on your team. If you’ve not heard about it you should do a quick search for the 10/90 Young Living plan and check it out. Continue reading “10/90 Plan: Mini Cards”

What can I use for . . . ? Sharing Cards

Sharing Young Living

As a Young Living Independent Member you have probably been asked, what oil can I use for . . .? As we all know, or hopefully know, we cannot answer this question. However, we do not want to be negative and “slam the door on their wonderful inquiring faces!” So, what can we do?
First, it is important to let them know that (1) we are not medical professionals and (2) Young Living products are not intended to treat/cure/heal any symptom/illness/disease so we are unable to answer their specific question.
Now that you have cleared this up you can dive into a positive conversation about wellness. Seriously, who wants to focus on negative and poor health! That alone is not good for anyone. So, what you could say (after you ensure they understand the above) is:
“I understand your enthusiasm to educate yourself. For anything below wellness you should always consult and work with your medical professional. However, there is nothing wrong with taking the time to learn more about your body and ways you can support it. Essential oils are wonderful for everyone. Some of Young Living’s products promote and support healthy body systems. In addition, some essential oils can be diffused or applied topically to enhance or create positive feelings and memories. Here is a card that lists a few of my favorite places to obtain resources about essential oils. I also offer classes/workshops to further educate people about essential oils. Just let me know if you would like to host a class/workshop. You are special and I am here for you.”
The above is just an example, a starting point, feel free to tweak it so that it fits you and your personality. Just be very careful about compliance.

Sharing Card Set

Take some of these cards with you wherever you go. You never know when the opportunity will present itself and you’ll want to be prepared so that you can “share Young Living the right way.” Be sure to place your contact information on the back of the cards. You can write this in or print labels or staple it to your business card. Whatever works best for you is fine, just be sure you do not forget to add your contact information.
Bonus — the cards are inexpensive to make!
They work best with the:
Avery Name Badge Cards #5392
You can click/touch the above link to purchase the blank cards directly from Amazon (shipped directly to your door and the price is not bad at all).
Be sure your printer setting does not “scale” the page or is set to “fit to page” — the scale needs to be 100% to print and line up properly.
Please do not alter the cards, remove the disclaimer or the copyright information. These are free to use but no one has permission to sell the card page. Please give credit where credit is due and refer members to this page if they would like their own page of cards.
The PDF file to download is located beneath each card preview picture.
Click/Touch here to download the card page
While you’re here we would love to have you visit our Ultimate Essential Oil Supply List post or grab our free DIY “Kickin’ the Chemicals” recipe book.

Ordering Cards from Moo

Here are step by step instructions for ordering “user-designed” business cards on Moo.Com
Remember to add your contact information FIRST and remember to SAVE the FILE in a place where you will know exactly where it is on your computer — you will need to access it when it is time to upload it to Moo.Com
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