V2 Roller Bottle Labels for Kidz: 2nd color option

Free and adorable roller bottle labels and recipes for your littles. Adjust recipes accordingly. Enjoy!

My Oily Notes: Living in a Natural Home

This is a wonderful class tool to use for those teaching how to live in a natural home. The last page is left intentionally blank so you can feature other products that may benefit those attending your course.

Brochure: Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture

Blessings abound with the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture collection! Check out this brochure featuring Young Living's TOAS collection.

New Page: My Financial Freedom: Credit Card Tracker

We designed this credit card tracker to be versatile. It can be used to track a single credit card or you can use it to track multiple credit cards. One benefit of tracking multiple credit cards on one page is so you can quickly see which card has the highest and/or lowest APR. There are many forms of establishing what and how you tackle credit card debt . . . we say, find a method that inspires you the most and go for it. They all have the same end result -- financial freedom -- but you'll never get there if you never start working towards it! Ready, set . . . break the chains!

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New Page: My Oily Organization

Please provide this to every person on your team and every new person joining your team. This is crucial and every YL member should have this information. Go, do it now, your team members will thank you.

New Junior Page: Daily Checklist aka ToDo List

Junior size page to help you make your day more intentional. Daily checklist, aka ToDo list, top priorities, declutter section, and more.

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