DIY Recruiting Kits

If you are a Young Living business builder you should definitely have 2-3 of each type of recruiting kit with you whenever possible! We are going to make it super easy for you to have your own professional looking recruiting kit -- complete with box top labels! You'll want to put together two types -- one for those who want to business build and one for those who want to be wholesale members but do not want to business build, at this time. We even have suggestions for what to place in each type of recruiting kit!

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Savvy Minerals Labels: All In One

We have a one full page of labels for each of the Savvy Minerals product and/or shades -- all on one label sheet -- one label for each. This set is by request and were requested to give as a "gift" with samples to new perspective and/or current members.

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Labels: SM Sample Shades

We have a full page of labels for each of the Savvy Minerals products (including one for each shade). These are perfect for placing on the bottom of your Savvy Minerals sample so that your potential member/current member knows the shade and item number for that particular sample.

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Ultimate Bridal Expo Event Package

We are extremely thrilled about this new ultimate event package. This package is designed with the bride and groom in mind. It is perfect for bridal expo events or even as a side table at other events. The set includes PSK themed table event cards, aroma bar labels, contact cards, flyer, brochure, and so much more! We hope you enjoy the set.

Spring: Ultimate Event Package

We've taken our popular "Ultimate Event Graphic Set" and gave it a Spring-Summer Theme!! We hope you enjoy this excited new seasonal look! More seasons coming soon!

Gameplan CD Label Design: Harsh Chemical Free Home

Don't you just adore the GamePlan audio class about ridding your home of harsh chemicals? So many of you are using the audio (found here) to burn onto a CD to provide to perspective members. We are here to help make this process a little easier and, for many, less expensive! There is a space for you to place your contact information in the green area of the design. We will provide you with the single design label and a tutorial for adding your own information via Avery's design program.

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DIY: Business Card STICKERS

We've had request to provide the business card stickers so that you can print them from home. We have made this available in full size sheets (10 stickers to a page). Just add your information using your favorite graphics program, save, then print. This is not for a novice user. You will need to know how to add your information using the program of your choice. If you do not know how to do this then we strongly suggest you print using VistaPrint, we even provide you with a walk through video explaining how to add your information. For those that know how to add your information and want to print from home, this post is for you. Enjoy!

Stickers: YL Business Cards

Here is a super cute idea . . . business card stickers!! Make your catalogs, brochures, flyers POP with these Young Living Seed to Seal themed business card stickers. We've designed them several different ways to fit your needs, whether you have a social media outlet or not, there is a design for you!

My Oily Sticker: Daily Exercise

We are super pumped to bring you a wonderful "My Oily Sticker" collection to use with your planner/organizer/calendar of choice. This sticker is the one we hope will speak the most volume to all of YOU. Why? Because it does not matter what you eat, the supplements you take, the super-healthy drinks you consume . . . if you are not moving your body daily you will not reach optimal health and wellness. Please do not let "exercise" mean more to you than what it should . . . it does not mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars each year to work out at a gym . . . it does not mean you have to work out to the point of being so sore you cannot move . . . exercise can simply be walking 15-20 minutes after each meal . . . or taking a rapid walk around your neighborhood. Whatever you select, the important thing is to get up and move and keep moving for, at least 15 minutes, get your heart rate pumping and have fun. Exercise does not have to be a downer, or expensive, or time consuming. Walk in place while watching your favorite tv-show or movie! Be active and move your body, every day. Enjoy!