Love It Share It: Dill

A Love It Share It card featuring Young Living's Dill Essential Oil along with a DIY Pit Purifier recipe!! Dill essential oil is produced from the distillation of the whole plant and is believed to be calming when used aromatically. This oil can be blended with Roman Chamomile to enhance any relaxing aromatic experience.

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Poster: All of Young Living

Here is a poster that is sure to catch the attention of your audience! This poster incorporates nearly all of the category types of products Young Living has to offer! The poster is designed specifically and precisely according to VistaPrints specifications for a 24x36 inch poster. However, it should work fine for other print shops that offer a 24x36 poster and will size down as long as the ratios remain the same (example: decreased in size by half would be a 12 x 18 inch). This particular design will not size up due to VistaPrint's resolution requirement for posters.

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Mini Flyer: 2018 YL’s PSK v2, white

UPDATED for 2018! Here is ANOTHER BRILLIANT, budget friendly way to plant seeds!!! We present you with a 4x6 small sized flyer featuring YL's PSK (version 2, white) . . . it may be small but it is packed with visuals that give it a lot of information! Especially brilliant for those participating in RCD Shannon Hudson's 10/90 plan! At just 15 cents (less with coupon codes and/or sales) per flyer you can easily plant seeds all over town! Why 4" x 6" size? Because you can have this printed as a matte photo, which will save you TONS on marketing material. We even left space for you to add your contact information! Keep an eye on the blog . . . we'll have more mini flyers coming soon!

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AOK: 2018 DIY Newsletter Series

UPDATED for 2018! A FREE newsletter series with TEN editions and two more becoming available soon! These are offered complete with a tutorial video to walk you through the very simple process of using them with MailChimp! Saving you a lot of $$ by offering a quality newsletter to your new members! A very informative and fun newsletter series. Enjoy!

Vendor Table Idea: Bar Height

We LOVED this idea from Melissa Teel so much that we just had to share! Check out the tall, bar height, table on the right of the photo below... what a fantastic way to feature the PSK while freeing up room on your long table! Get the links to order your own beneath the photo below.

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Love It, Share It: 2018 Satin Facial Scrub

Updated for 2018! Polish and prep your skin with this naturally derived face scrub! Made with apricot seed powder, our Satin Facial Scrub gently exfoliates the face to lift and remove dry, dead skin cells and reveal bright, even-looking skin. Use it to start the day or to take the day off; whenever you reach for it, you’ll leave a clean, smooth slate for the next step in your skin care regimen. We formulated this exfoliating scrub to bring you a natural way to cleanse your skin and reveal glowing, radiant skin. With a new formula and carefully selected ingredients—including mango butter and raspberry extract—you’ll feel confident adding this gentle face exfoliator to your skin care routine, along with Young Living’s other naturally derived personal care products. Plus, it has pure Peppermint essential oil for a minty scent and tingly fresh feel.

Love It, Share It: KidScents Bath Gel

Updated for 2018. KidScents® Bath Gel is a safe, gentle soap that cleanses and protects sensitive skin. Formulated with MSM, aloe vera, antioxidants, and pure Lemon, Cedarwood, and other essential oils, this liquid soap is pH balanced for children’s skin. Contains Natural Ingredients Therapeutic-grade essential oils No mineral oils No synthetic perfumes No artificial colorings No toxic ingredients

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