Oils of the Bible Invitation: Online Invite

A graphic invitation you can use to spread the word through social media outlets for an upcoming Oils of the Bible class.

Here is a wonderful online “Oils of the Bible” class invitation graphic. You will need to fill in your own information in the space provided. The sample we filled in the information with white colored font in Oriya MN (bold) and an 18 pt size. Oriya MN is similar to Times New Roman, which would work just fine.





Digital Invitation

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My Oily Notes: Oils of the Bible

Here is a wonderful resource you can use during your “Oils of the Bible” class. All twelve oils on one page.

Here is a wonderful resource you can use during your “Oils of the Bible” class. All twelve oils on one page.

Download the PDF file found beneath the preview photo below.

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Brochure: Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture

Blessings abound with the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture collection! Check out this brochure featuring Young Living’s TOAS collection.

**This brochure has been updated and you can find the newly revised version here:



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