PowerPoint: 2018 PSK, EO 101

The Oil Posse team brings to you a complimentary Essential Oils Basics, EO 101, Support, Wellness, and You class presentation. This presentation comes complete with the PowerPoint file, PDF script file, PDF of the presentation (for times when you do not have access to electricity and want to use a flipboard), and Individual JPG images of each slide so you can host this as a Facebook class. This is a complete EO 101 class package and has been updated with Citrus Fresh and Raven. It is current as of 17 Feb 2018. Enjoy

Presentation: YL’s Intro to EOs

current Young Living essential oil bottles and tweaked the scripts from the vitality slides so that they are now compliant. We've then taken those notes and placed each one into a document so that you can print the script out to read during the presentation. We also made the slides available as JPG images so you can use them for an online class. Finally, we made the presentation available as a PDF document to print out and place in a notebook or send to those who could not attend. We hope this will become a useful tool to further your Young Living business.

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Ultimate Ditch And Switch Package

We are beyond thrilled to present you with the ULTIMATE DITCH AND SWITCH EVENT PACKAGE . . . everything you need to assist your potential member, team member, or even yourself with completing a home safety analysis. We even provide you with a link to our teams exclusive “Home Cleansing: cleaner, greener, safer” 8-day course! You are free to use any (or all) parts of the course to develop your own "Ditch and Switch" class/event. Plus, look for the link for our Thieves Household Cleaner 61 Uses Guide and so much more!

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PSK Kit Cards: Class on the Go

These kit cards are perfect for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. Standing in line somewhere? Such an awesome opportunity to share this information! Sitting on a bus? Again, a wonderful opportunity to share! This set will easily slip into a pure, briefcase, diaper bag, etc. Make a few sets and keep them with you. Also, be sure to put a couple of sets in your glove compartment! Never find yourself without a set.

Lavender Large Event Banner

2.5' x 6' Lavender Fields Young Living Independent Representative banner. Perfect for your spring themed vendor events, meetings, classes, etc. Free design for all YL members.

Spring Aroma Cards

Share your favorite Spring oils in style. Here are ten Spring themed aroma cards you can print at home or have printed. Hand them out during meetings, events, classes, or anywhere you want to share the oils. After scenting the card place them in a snack baggie or some other type of container to "hold the scent in."

Welcome to YL Punch Card

Here is our, "Ten activities to try to earn a special gift in our Welcome to Young Living Challenge!" punch card design. This fun "loyalty" punch card should provide an incentive for new members to become more involved with Young Living products, Essential Rewards, and sharing with others.

BINGO Party: YL Themed!

We are super thrilled to present you with a complete Young Living themed BINGO party kit!! At this time we offer you 12 unique BINGO cards along with 75 calling cards. Eventually there will be a total of 100 unique BINGO cards so keep an eye on the blog for more cards coming soon. However, twelve are enough to get you going for a small gathering, event, or class.