Addition to Classification Post

For those that have taken the time to read the “Classifications, you say! What’s up with that?” post, I’ve added a paragraph that should help some of those that are still struggling to grasp this topic.
This is the paragraph that was added:
“After receiving quite a few e-mail messages about lavender, as an herb, and how chefs use this as an ingredient, I felt it important to add a little further clarity to this topic. Therefore, when it comes to federal regulations/company policies and procedures/and any other type of regulations governing “marketing/labeling” — it is important to separate you, as an individual, from you, as someone who is marketing/selling/representing a specific company. Young Living, as its own individual company that is bottling and labeling a product for the public, must decide, due to federal regulations, how each of its products are to be classified and used by the public. Because of the way in which the regulations are structured, a product cannot be classified as both cosmetic and dietary supplement. Therefore, Young Living has to select which one it will market its own specific product under, so that the claims made and directions for use for that specific product match its classification. As Young Living Representatives, we have to market that product only under its classification and directions for use. This is why it is so important to separate yourself from you as an individual to you as someone who markets for a specific company.”
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