Tutorial-UPDATE:  Young Living has changed the link!! All of us who created tiny url links, note, they will no longer work and there is NOTHING that can be done to correct the link. If you are not very happy about this — trust us, neither are we! I’ve updated the instructions below so you will have the correct link. Now you’ll just need to come up with a NEW SNAPPY tiny url name!

Below are instructions for creating your own custom Young Living enrollment URL.


Step 1

Type the above URL, EXACTLY as shown above, into Microsoft Word, Notepad, or some other document software.

Replace each of the RED X’s with your exact Young Living member ID — you will be typing your exact member ID twice — once where the first RED X’s are and again where the second set of RED X’s are located in the URL.

Step 2

AFTER adding your member ID, twice, where the RED X’s are located, highlight the entire URL and copy it (click/touch edit then copy).

Step 3

Now go to the following website:

Click/Touch Here to go to http://tinyurl.com/

Step 4


Paste the Young Living URL into the space as shown above.

Step 5


NOW, type what you would like to have as the ending part of your new tiny URL in the “custom alias” space as shown above.

Mine is tinyurl.com/theofficialoilposse

Go ahead click/touch my custom url above and see how it looks!

Step 6

Now back to your custom URL — when you have the YL URL pasted and you have typed in your custom alias, click/touch the “Make TinyURL!” button and presto, you now have a custom URL you can give to people to sign-up with.

Tip: Type this tiny custom URL into the notes of your mobile device (or on your desktop/laptop/tablet) and you’ll have it when you need it, just in case you forget what you created.