DIY: Car Vent Diffuser

Great DIY car vent diffuser project. Leather is a great option because it holds the “aroma” of the oil longer than wood or cork. These cost approx. 25 cents to make, depending on how much the leather costs. Perfect to give to potential new members!


This is such a cool project. You can share these at “make and take” classes, use as door prizes, sell at events, or as incentives for your team members.

Just a note: we calculated this to run approx. 25 cents per car diffuser. The final price will depend on how much the leather circles cost you. We found a large bag (roughly 100 circles in the bag) for $5.00 and they were dyed with natural dyes (food and plant sourced).

Here are the simplified instructions from the video:

You carefully, very carefully, cut a slit toward the top of the leather circle (the diameter of the one shown in the video and in the picture is 1.25 inches) so that it goes all the way through. Please use caution and follow the safety guidelines on the package when using an Exacto knife.

Then slip the name badge clip through the slit, snap together, and done.

When you are ready to apply an oil, flip to the “rough” side of the leather circle, drop 1-2 drops of your favorite oil, then clip to the vent of your vehicle.

Easy as pie!

Supply List

Want your own supplies to make this craft? You can order directly from Amazon at the links below. We did find some leather circles on Etsy and provided that link for you, as well. Click/Touch the links below to order directly from Amazon (Etsy for the last one).

Name badge clips, box of 100

X-Acto Designer Series Craft Knife, Pink

Pack of 25 round leather 2″ shapes

Colorful leather circles, pack of 40 on Etsy


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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing – (no video, but great instructions. I’m sure it is just my computer!)

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