DIY: Wrinkle-Release Spray


Here is a wrinkle-release spray that you make in three parts. Do not worry, each part is pretty quick to make but the outcome is totally worth it.

Part 1 — Fabric Softener Crystals

Mix 1 Cup Epsom Salt with 10 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Place ingredients in a jar, top with lid and shake to combine.

Recipe adapted from the Happy Money Saver blog

Part 2 — Liquid Fabric Softener

Boil 2 cups distilled water — remove from heat (pour in large bowl, if necessary) — add 1/2 C fabric softener crystals (from above recipe) then add 6 cups white vinegar and slowly add 1 Cup baking soda, stirring constantly — Allow to cool

Part 3 — Wrinkle Release Spray

Mix 1 cup distilled water, 1 teaspoon liquid fabric softener (from recipe above) and 1 teaspoon triple distilled vodka or rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle

How to Use

To remove light and deep wrinkles, just:

1. Lay outside of fabric from 8 inches away with a sweeping motion, until just slightly damp (use more spray for heavy fabrics or severe wrinkles)

2. Tug and smooth away wrinkles

3. Hang dry

To reduce static cling, spray your garment lightly and evenly from about 6 to 10 inches away before wearing.

Got the Time? It’s Great for Ironing

While a wrinkle release spray can eliminate your need to iron, you also can get great results when you use it with your iron. Simply lightly spray fabrics while you iron for a smoothly pressed look.

4 thoughts on “DIY: Wrinkle-Release Spray”

  1. I’m wondering how this works on color fast items. I spend a lot of money on my business casual work clothes. Does this leave stains or marks of any kind on silk, polyester blends or other types of fabrics other than cotton? I also have a steam dryer. I could spray the item in this and steam dry if but am curious if the mixture of these products will affect my dryer in anyway. Thanks for any insight you can share here.

    1. Hi Jenn,

      The best advice we can offer anyone with this type of concern is to make a decision that is best for you and your situation. If you have a product that is working and you are satisfied with its ingredients/contents, then stay with it. If you have concerns about the product you are currently using then do some research and find one you are comfortable with … we only provide “possible” alternatives. Anyone who uses them does so at their own risk. We would never, ever tell someone that anything is 100% okay to use, that would not be a responsible response. Like anything in life that is new to you, your system, or your personal items . . . you have to take the time to research it and then make your own personal decision as to whether you want to use it or not. Thanks so much for writing.

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