DIY: Round Essential Oil Bottle Top Labels

Now you can print your own round essential oil bottle top labels. There will be a lot more page options coming very soon. To start we offer you a full set of all of the single and blends that are featured in the Young Living’s 2015 Product Guide with the addition of Peace & Calming II and Valor II.
In the coming days we will have sheets featuring the various oil collections (twelve oils of ancient scripture, KidScents, Animal Scents, and more).
Also, there will be a sheet of multiple labels for YL’s “best sellers.”
Finally, if you have names of oils that are not featured in the 2015 Product Guide or in any of the oil collections, send us those names and we will make a list and develop a page of “former and/or limited-time oils.”
We look forward to hearing from you!
*Note about printing — it is CRUCIAL that you download the correct size PNG file, click on the “preview” picture below, this will open a new window with the proper size graphic file. You will then need to download this graphic — downloading the graphic will depend on your device — PC’s and Mac’s should offer you this option if you right click on the graphic. Other devices, please do a Google search to learn how to download a graphic, if you do not already know how to do so.
**Second CRUCIAL note about printing — You must ensure the size scale is set to 100% (see picture below — your printer box may not look exactly like this but you should have an option to set the scale for 100% or an option that says something like “do not scale.”) If you do not do this, the oil names will not line up properly with the circles. We cannot help you with this as every printer is unique. You will need to do a Google search for your specific printer to find out how to set the scale to 100%.
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Remember: Click/Touch the “PREVIEW” graphic below (for the color you desire) so that the FULL-SIZE graphic opens in another window. That is the graphic you will need to download to print the labels from.

OilLabels_YLEO_GL OilLabels_YLEO_More_GL
OilLabels_YLEO_SilverCB OilLabels_YLEO_More_SilverCB
OilLabels_YLEO_YS OilLabels_YLEO_ColAndMore_YS
OilLabels_YLEO_LL OilLabels_YLEO_ColAndMore_LL
OilLabels_YLEO_RedCB OilLabels_YLEO_More_RedCB
OilLabels_YLEO_BlueCB OilLabels_YLEO_More_BlueCB
OilLabels_YLEO_LW OilLabels_YLEO_ColAndMore_LW

Click/Touch the “PREVIEW” graphic above so that the FULL-SIZE graphic opens in another window. That is the graphic you will need to download to print the labels from.
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Need to order label sheets? We’ve got you covered for that, as well.
Click/Touch HERE to order the Essential Oil Labels, 1/2” Blank White Stickers, 1848 Circles (12 sheets with 154 labels per sheet) directly from Amazon

Printing Tips

Every printer is different so you will need to play with it a bit to get them to print perfectly with your printer.
(1) Be sure you print on blank printer paper until they are aligned properly.
(2) Ensure your printer is scaling at 100% (see graphic above)
(3) If your printer is scaling at 100% and they are still printing off set begin adjusting the scale downward by 2% at a time until they are aligned as you need them to be.
Place the plain printed paper on top of the label (sticker) paper and hold up to a bright light. This will help you not to waste label sheets while you are working to get them aligned properly.

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  1. Yay! I had just asked about labels for custom “recipes” using EO combinations! Very glad to see someone DID the labels. Thank you.

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