Enzymes: Today’s Modern Diet

A blog post all about enzymes and Young Living’s line of enzyme products and why YOU need them!



Our bodies must have enzymes to live. There are several types of enzymes; in this post we will discuss the three major enzymes that assist us with digestion. Enzymes are biological catalysts, which are made of proteins, that speed up chemical reactions. With regards to the digestion process, enzymes break down foods so we can obtain the nutrients we need from our food to not only survive but to remain at optimal wellness levels.

Enzymes are very specific and each type of enzyme will only “break down” one type of “food.”

Fats are broken down by enzymes called lipase and this process happens in the mouth. Lipase are in your saliva.

Proteins are broken down by enzymes called protease (aka pepsin) and this process happens in the stomach.

Carbohydrates (aka starches) are broken down by enzymes called amylase and this process happens in the small intestine.

Enzymes cannot work, however, without co-factors, and each enzyme is designed to work with a particular co-factor. You have heard of these co-factors, they are called “minerals.” Unless an enzyme is accompanied by its co-factor/mineral, or a substitute co-factor/mineral, it will simply sit around doing nothing. There are eighteen co-factor/minerals in human nutrition. They are, in alphabetical order: calcium, chlorine, chromium, cobalt, copper, fluorine, iodide, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulfur, vanadium and zinc. Some of these can substitute for each other, and in this way the body maintains a survival advantage in time of dietary imbalance.

Unfortunately, today’s modern diet often creates dietary imbalance with both minerals and enzymes. This is why supplements are important: they can help us maintain dietary balance so we can get the most nutrients from our foods. Young Living has several types of supplemental enzymes along with a mineral supplement. The below graphic helps focus on each of Young Living’s enzyme supplements along with their mineral essence supplement.

We hope this helps shed some light on why we think enzyme and mineral supplementation is vital for every person.


Below are a couple of videos that, while simplistic and short, may help those who enjoy and/or find visual cues helpful when learning:

Basic enzyme video (both are less than 5 minutes in length):
or this one
Would you like to order one of Young Living’s enzymes? Visit the Oil Posse Team’s “order” page for instructions on how to get your own enzyme and/or mineral supplement (click/touch the blue link above).

Charts About Enzymes

by Dr. Lindsey Elmore with Young Living Essential Oils

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