In with the New: Four for Free & More

How to earn a FREE PSK with the “Four For Free & More” plan!

With the new premium starter collections and new prices, the former “three for free” program no longer applies. So, “out with the old and in with the new!”
Four for free & more is a great promotion to help potential Young Living members earn not only enough to get what they pay for their premium starter collection back but also to give them some extra money in their pocket (so to speak).
Here’s how it works:
For each member the new member has joining with them (as part of their team), they earn $25 (Start Living Bonus) plus 25% of the PV (ex. 150 PV times 25% equals $37.50, this is the Fast Start Bonus) (plus more, see Young Living’s compensation plan for more information). So, if they have four potential friends/family/etc. join their team, they will earn $200 plus more!
(1) Will that person have to pay out-of-pocket for their PSK (Premium Starter Kit — we like to call it the Premium Starter Collection)?
Yes, the compensation he/she will earn is paid sometime between the 20th-25th (give or take) of the following month. See Young Living’s compensation plan for more information.
(2) What is the “more” referring to?
If the new member selects, let’s say, the “home” premium starter collection for $160 plus shipping and tax and has four members join his/her team, then that member earns, at least, $200 giving them a “more” than the $160 plus shipping and tax back.
(3) Does this include the “Aria” Premium Starter Collection?
No, that particular starter collection is more than $200. However, they could get the same type of deal if they bring in 6 friends/family onto their team.
(4) How do I learn more about Young Living’s compensation program?
If you are a current Young Living member you can learn more by logging into your Virtual Office, then going to Member Resources, then Compensation Plan.
(5) Can I use your graphic about the “Four for Free & More” plan?
Sure, just be sure you do not alter it in any form or fashion. Right click or touch and hold to reach the option to “save as” or “download” the graphic. The process to save it to your device will depend on your particular device.
If you are not a current Young Living member you can visit this link on the Oil Posse site by clicking/touching HERE.

4 thoughts on “In with the New: Four for Free & More”

  1. On point #3, why do they need 11 friends to cover the cost of an Aria? Wouldn’t they only need 6 ($300/$50=6)?

    1. Christy,
      Thanks for catching that. At the time we developed this page a price for the Aria starter kit had not been released. We meant to come back and adjust once we knew the final set price. You are correct, it would be 6 people, which would give back around $300 because the Aria starter kit is $260 plus shipping and tax. Thanks so much for writing.

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