Contact Cards: Full Address Variation

We are excited to offer a variation of our new class contact card. This card design allows you to obtain the full mailing address of your potential member. There is a front and back to this card design.
Hosting a class/workshop/event? Here is a gracious way of obtaining information about and from those who attend. These cards are formatted so your potential member can tell you exactly what he/she wants you to know. They also allow him/her to let you know exactly what they want from you. No more guessing! Know what information they want and when and how they want you to contact them.
These work best with Avery Name Badge Cards #5392.
The Avery Name Badge Cards are already perforated so nothing to cut, simply fold and gently pull apart, quick, easy and cost efficient.
Be sure your printer setting scales at 100% and is not set to “fit to page.”
This is a PDF file and the link is available beneath the sample picture.
No one has permission to sell this file, cards, etc. in any way. They are provided free and please give credit where credit is due. If you are going to feature them, please provide a link back to this page. Thanks so much.
FRONT of Card
Click/Touch HERE to download the FRONT of this card
BACK of Card
Click/Touch HERE to download the BACK of this card

2 thoughts on “Contact Cards: Full Address Variation”

  1. This has been the most helpful tool for me. I’m no longer receiving your emails and wondered how I get back onto your very generous sharing list?

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