Get Your Oil On: Flyer, New PSK

*UPDATED: 18 Oct 2015, removed home diffuser option and added rainstone diffuser option. 12 June 2015, if you downloaded this flyer before this date, please discard that version and use this updated version.*
This is a two-sided, high-quality flyer.
Front side features the premium starter kit and the four diffuser options, this is for the upcoming collection being released sometime in June, 2015.
Back side features a “meet your oils” information section and explains the possibility of one of the 10 standard oils being substituted with one of the five substitution oils.
Yes, you can edit to type in your contact information in the space provided near the bottom of the back of the flyer (on the “meet your oils” side). If you do not know how to or are unable to add your contact information before printing, you can write in or apply a label to the flyer, after printing.
Besides adding your contact information, please do not edit this flyer in any manner.
You are responsible for adding your own contact information and printing.
This flyer is not for commercial use (meaning it is not approved for anyone to take this flyer and offer it for sale, in any manner).
The flyer was designed using professional software and saved as a high-quality pdf file. To get the most of the vibrant colors it is recommended that you have this printed through a professional printing service. However, it can be printed using an at-home color printer.
The link to download the file is found beneath each of the flyer’s pictures below.
With all the necessary formalities out of the way — Enjoy!
Click/Touch here to download the PDF for the front of the flyer
Click/Touch here to download the PDF for the back of the flyer
Need Supplies?
Click/Touch here to purchase HP 8.5 x 11, 96 Bright, Ultra White, 500 Sheets printer paper, wonderful for flyers from Amazon
Click/Touch here to purchase HP 8.5 x 11, 96 Bright, Ultra White three-hole punched printer paper from Amazon
Click/Touch here to purchase a full-size, 8.5 x 11, table top flyer stand from Amazon
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9 thoughts on “Get Your Oil On: Flyer, New PSK”

  1. Thank you sooo much. I have three events in the next two weeks and your speedy creativeness has been very helpful. I appreciate how you’re so on top of things.

  2. The picture of the back of the flyer and the .pdf version of the back are not the same (see Thieves). Which is the correct version?

    1. Thanks for catching that, Megan. Not sure why it did that (the file name was correct) I removed the former one and uploaded the revised version, again. It should be good to go now.

    1. Hi Marie,

      We do not sell any of our materials. We provide free designs you can download and print. We do have several types of order forms you can download and print or have printed by a printer of your choice.

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