Home Cleansing: Recipe Book

The Oil Posse Team is proud to present to you the ultimate D.I.Y. essential oils recipe book titled: “Home Cleansing: cleaner, greener, safer”

The Oil Posse Team is proud to present to you the ultimate D.I.Y. essential oils recipe book titled: “Home Cleansing: cleaner, greener, safer”

This booklet is offered in PDF format. You are free to download and print this booklet.

Please do not alter the booklet in any form or fashion.

No one is authorized to sell this booklet.


Click/Touch here to download the PDF version of this booklet

You can preview the booklet below:


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7 thoughts on “Home Cleansing: Recipe Book”

  1. Thank you!
    I am actually having a Blending Class tomorrow and soon want to have a DIY Class. Perfect timing for recipes.

  2. Love your creativity!
    May I use your 7 infused Oola images i found on google?
    Of course, i will give you full credit. They are beautiful.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Connie,

      Thank you for the compliment. To answer your question you’ll need to be a bit more specific, please. How would you like to use them? They were designed to be printed. We do ask that our material be used for events/classes (in-person) so that they are used just for printing (hard copy). We do realize some are not abiding by our guidelines for usage and using our designs as social media graphics. Unfortunately we cannot stop people from doing this… we freely offer our time and just hope that the majority will read and abide by our guidelines for usage.

      If you have a more specific question or want to detail how you are asking to use the designs, please let us know. Thanks for writing.

      1. Thank you! So generous of you.
        Your work is beautiful.

        Yes, I was asking to post them on my instagram.
        I understand you prefer not to allow that.
        Of course, i will abide by your wishes.

        If there is ever a policy change, I would love to share your talent! Tne Oola info is very helpful!

        Many thanks for sharing witb us!

        1. Hi Connie,

          Go ahead and share via Instagram just provide a link back to the page you obtain them from. We will update our policy just as soon as possible. We just ask that none of them are altered in any way. Take care and thanks again for writing.

  3. Jordyn, thank you! I’m honored to have your permission. Soooo excited!! I will link back to you. I found them on google images.

    Yay!!! Great education coming up!!
    Thank you again!!

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