Sticker: Home Diffuser

Home Diffuser Stickers (Labels) to update your printed marketing material.

We have received MANY, MANY requests for a home diffuser sticker. We are here for YOU!


Download the Sticker/Label at the link below

Click/touch here to download the PDF file for the home diffuser sticker. 

The above is formatted to fit Avery 8293 stickers/labels, 20 to a page, 1.5″ diameter. Also, the black circular line is not in the images in the PDF file, that was for preview purposes only.

Need Supplies?


The file is formatted to fit Avery 8293, 1.5″ diameter circle stickers/labels. Click/touch here to order a pack directly from Amazon. They print 20 to a page.

2 thoughts on “Sticker: Home Diffuser”

  1. We used the Avery labels and the pdf file for this. Some of the labels are off center, are we doing something wrong?

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