Refill “WetJet” Bottle with Thieves Household Cleaner

Short video showing how to refill a “WetJet” bottle with Thieves Household Cleaner solution!


Do you love the convenience of a “WetJet” mop but dislike that the cleaners are full of ingredients you do not desire? Then you are going to love this post!!

Here is a short video showing you just how easy it is to get the top off of those “wetjet” bottles so you can refill it with the amazing Thieves Household Cleaning solution.

We personally use approx. 2 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner per bottle. We first fill the bottle (below the neck of the bottle) with distilled water then add in the approx. 2 capfuls of cleaner. You could definitely do just 1 capful but we love the scent of the cleaner and choose to use a bit more.

Be sure to visit our Thieves Household Cleaner: 61 Uses Guide by clicking/touching HERE.

If you would like an even easier way to refill a wet mop . . . check out Rubbermaid’s Reveal refillable wetmop set!


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0 thoughts on “Refill “WetJet” Bottle with Thieves Household Cleaner”

  1. What kind of floors are you using the Thieves cleaner on?……tile, laminate? Not sure if it is safe for wood floors.

  2. I use this on my wood floors all the time. I just spray a little less to make sure I don’t leave any wet spots. Then I switch right over to laminate and then tile. So nice only using one cleaner for virtually everything.

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