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Welcome back! The Oil Posse team has put together a wonderful set of materials that will offer you a professional and fun looking “Kickin’ the Chemicals” DIY workshop/party/class.
*please remember even water is a chemical (H2O) . . . we have changed our class and called it, “Home Cleansing: Greener, Cleaner, Safer.” When we say “kickin’ the chemicals” we are talking about kickin’ HARSH-chemicals. 
First, we have six (letter-sized, 8.5″ x 11″) “recipe” (presentation) cards for you to print and place in a flip-top binder. We selected six recipes that are fairly basic and quick to throw together. Perfect for a “make and take” class. The flip-top binder is perfect for displaying the recipes, nice big print, for all your guests to view as everyone is making the recipe.
Next, we have the “Kickin’ the Chemicals” recipe book. If you have not seen it already, this is a 29-page booklet with quite a few recipes, including the six featured above. The recipe booklet also contains information at the beginning, called “Meet the Ingredients” that provides some brief information about each of the ingredients used in the recipes.
Then, we have a link to an ultimate essential oil supply list. This webpage features all of the ingredients that are used in the booklet, tools, supplies, and so much more. The ingredients/tools/supplies are separated into sections making it easy to find the ingredients you may need for each of the DIY projects.
Finally, we provide you with a Facebook Event Banner to announce and invite your friends/family/guests to your (or your host’s) event.
*Note: The body butter and wood polish recipes were contributed by Kimberly Laird from “The Droppery” . . . be sure to visit her at:

KTC_BodyButter_Thumbnail KTC_BathSalts_Thumbnail
Click/Touch Thumbnail to download Full Size Click/Touch Thumbnail to download Full Size
KTC_FoamingSoap_Thumbnail KTC_DishwashingSoap_Thumbnail
Click/Touch Thumbnail to download Full Size Click/Touch Thumbnail to download Full Size
KTC_WoodPolish_Thumbnail KTC_CarpetFresh_Thumbnail
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By request of one of our Lavender Lobby fans, a blank recipe card just for you! Now you can type/write in your favorite “make and take” recipe.

Click/Touch the blank card thumbnail to download full size

We printed the presentation cards out one at a time onto photo paper. We then placed the photo paper into Avery brand presentation sheet protectors. Below is a picture of our flip-top binder with the presentation cards.
Here is a closer look at the presentation card in the flip-top binder:
And, this is what the flip-top binder looks like from the side (there are velcro tabs in certain places that keep the binder together and help make it a stable table top piece):
Want your own flip-board? Flip-Board and presentation sheets hold standard letter size paper (8.5″ x 11″). Below is the link to order the flip-board and presentation sheets directly from Amazon:

FlipBoard Flip Board
SheetProtectorsThreeHolePunchBoxof50forFlipBoard Sheet Protectors

Click/Touch HERE to download the PDF file for the 29-page recipe book
Click/Touch HERE to visit The Oil Posse’s Ultimate Essential Oil Supply List
Directly above is the full-size Facebook event banner. This banner will only work (in terms of size) for the cover photo (banner) that you can upload once you create a Facebook event.
Right-click on the graphic to download to your device. If you are on a “touch” device, you will need to do whatever it is that you do to download graphics/photos to your device. Most “Apple” devices allow you to simply touch and hold on the graphic to bring up the “save image” option. If you are unsure, do a quick Google search to learn how to download graphics/photos to your particular device.


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  3. WOW. This is such a fun idea, and I am so thankful that you were willing to share. I would love to chat with someone that has actually hosted one of these workshops and pick your brain.

  4. Amazing list of info! Thank you for sharing!!!

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